Replacing Disposable Bags With Alternate Storage Containers

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Making Dollars Out of Change is all about giving you ideas on how to save money by changing little things. Small changes can lead to big savings over time. Topics covered to date: Cloth Napkins, Stretching Your Meat Budget and Cook Once Eat Twice. Today I would like to cover food storage containers.

I have started placing leftovers in reusable plastic or glass storage containers. Although plastic zipper bags are sometimes more convenient, they can be expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I still use plastic bags. I am simply cutting back on the amount of disposable bags we use.

My boys really enjoy having snacks in baggies. However, we go through disposable bags at an alarming rate when this is done. We have started using small tupperware containers for their snacks now. They get a kick out of having their own tiny container to carry around!

There are a variety of reusable containers available depending on how much you want to invest. My all time favorite glass containers are the Pampered Chef 1 cup prep bowls with lids. Although they are a bit pricey, I have had mine for over five years. I use the mini prep bowls all of the time since the one cup size is perfect for leftovers or packing lunch items.

Another idea is to use the Ziploc plastic containers. These often go on sale. I was able to buy several packages in December for under $1 each. The nice thing about these is that they are inexpensive. If you forget to bring your container home, it is no big loss.

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