Repair Your Jeans and Give Them New Life

Save Your Favorite Jeans from hitting the dumpster when you Repair Your Jeans

Torn Jeans No More. Repair Now.


Starting at just $4.00 you can breathe new life into your favorite jeans and save yourself from buying new ones.

Don’t throw away your favorite pair of jeans because there is a huge hole that you can’t fix. Stay away from uncomfortable patches that won’t look right or cause you discomfort. You can now ship them off to be repaired, starting at just $4.00.

How It Works:

1 Ship / drop off your jeans to Denim Therapy

2 They email an estimate for your approval
3 They repair and return your jeans to you.
Denim Therapy uses the MatchPerfect™ cotton thread selection process to create the best looking repair possible. The goal of every repair is excellence in appearance and function. Selection of the finest materials makes it possible.
repair your jeans 2

Bring new life into your jeans with Denim Therapy when you Repair Your Jeans


Are you expecting? Denim Therapy will even baby your jeans and Convert your favorite pair into maternity jeans.

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