Renae's Weekly Spending

Harris Teeter Saved 76%

Harris Teeter Saved 76%

I am a bit behind on reporting my weekly spending, sorry!

Last week:

I spent $25.14 and $22.03 at Harris Teeter, $30 for a box of food from Angel Food Network $23.20 at EW Thomas and $23.36 at Kroger. Total, I spent $123.73. Yes, $23.73 over budget. I am okay with that though. I wanted to try the Angel Food box and I will be giving a review shortly.

The grocery shopping trip to EW Thomas was a last minute decision. EW Thomas is a little country store about 3 miles from my house. We decided to have an end of summer party at my house and I needed some groceries quick. I did not have time to run to town or even to Food Lion, 15 minutes away. So, I splurged; I didn’t use coupons. I did feel a little sick to my stomach when the total was $23.20 for two bags. That would be a whole grocery cart full at Harris Teeter this week! However, it is not always necessary to coupon. In this situation it would have cost me time and gas. Just know that it is okay to splurge; I do it too!

This week:

I spent $3.69 at Target, $21.83 at Harris Teeter and $1.90 at Walgreens. The only thing I need is potatoes for my Sargento Finishers House Party on Wednesday. Other than that, I shouldn’t need anything else for quite awhile.

So even though I was over budget for last week, I will be way under budget this week.


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