Renae's Shopping Trips

Well, as you may have all noticed, I haven’t been shopping much! I haven’t had any great pictures to share or personal deals to share. For one, I have been quarantined to the house since my oldest has been┬ásick for the last couple of weeks. The other reason I haven’t been out shopping is that I really didn’t need much. We have been eating from our stockpile!

I did run out to Harris Teeter and Giant late last week as we did have a party on Monday. I really didn’t spend that much even though I mostly bought food for the party.

Harris Teeter:

Spent $34.01, Saved $19.81 Not great savings but I did buy meat, dairy products and produce.


Spent: $17.08, Saved $14.49 I bought steaks, corn on the cob and a watermelon.

This week I have gone to Food Lion for a few items. I spent $30.65.

So, I have not had huge savings totals. But, I am stockpiling meat in my freezer right now, since there have been some good sales. Just know that you don’t have to go coupon crazy every week! I have not even come close to my weekly $100 budget over the last few weeks. I have relied on my stockpile and only picked up what we needed. Now, in the coming weeks, I will start stockpiling again!


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