Renae's Personal Goals For 2010

It’s that time of year again; yes the goal setting and New Year’s Resolution time. Many times people make New Year’s Resolutions only to be broken a short time down the road. I decided to set goals for 2010. If you are looking to set goals this year, Make sure they are SMART goals.

SMART Goals:

S: Make your goals Specific.
M: It is important to make your goals Measurable. Otherwise, you will never know if you have achieved your goal!
A: Your goals should be Attainable. Although setting high goals are good, it can be overwhelming. This often leads to not accomplishing what you set out to do. Set goals that you can achieve.
R: Make your goals Realistic. Again, start with something small and work towards your bigger overall goal.
T: Your goal should be Timely. Set a time frame as to when you would like to accomplish the goal.

Renae’s Personal Goals for 2010:

  1. Use less paper products! I would like to reduce my weekly spending budget by 10%. In order to do this, I need to cut back where I can. We spend a great deal of money on paper napkins and paper towels. I was inspired by Katie to be more green and cut out the paper towels and napkins. I have been slowly cutting back on paper towels and plan to implement full use of fabric towels in the next week. I have purchased (3) sets of fabric napkins on clearance for $8. Starting tomorrow, we will be using fabric napkins! I will keep you updated on our progress and success with this!
  2. Make healthier and homemade dinners for my family:I know this is a standard goal for many of us around the new year! However, I am working towards cutting back on processed foods and pre-made dinners. I grew up eating Hamburger Helper and easy boxed dinners. That is what mom fixed and I thought it was acceptable. I am working towards more homemade meals. The Pantry Challenge is going to push me into trying new recipes! I am also working towards making more freezer meals. Once the Pantry Challenge is over, I plan to take a couple days each month to make freezer meals. I will share recipes along the way, but please note I am not an expert cook!
  3. Acquire Health Insurance for my Husband:Right now my husband is without health insurance. I have private pay insurance for myself and the boys. I know it is important for my husband to have insurance, even if it is just an emergency plan. Cutting back our weekly spending will help us afford this (hopefully!). I will be researching plans in January and if anyone has any tips on saving on health insurance, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts!

I am only going to set three goals for now. I will re-assess mid-year to see how I am doing. I hope the reduction in paper products and the insurance goals will some easy! I am most concerned about the cooking challenge! Madame Deals will be setting blogging goals over the weekend so stay tuned.

What are your goals? We would love to hear from you!


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