Reminder: Last Day to sign up for most prepaid college plans (open enrollment)

I did it! I did it! I signed up for 18 years of payments. I figured since he is the third kid he is going to have a lot to overcome.. I mean look at the picture his sister and brother “dressed” him. In all seriousness my one goal when I got into couponing and living a frugal like lifestyle was to be able to pay for college for all three of our children. Mat said, “They will get scholarships so we do not need to worry.” I am not banking on that. I figure I would rather go without things right now then have to pay for their school down the road.  I agree they are brilliant and we both received college scholarships but that is a lot of pressure and it is not a guarantee. I do not believe in “some day” instead I believe in making it happen one day at a time. I figure that those $.50 off, $.75 off, $.35 off do not look like much but they add up. I have been paying for my daughter’s college since April 2009 because I coupon shop. I have not changed any other spending habit except now I pay less for the food we normally eat.  I have paid a total of $250 per month for my daughter’s college fund for 21 months $5,250. I just signed up to pay $282.00 a month for youngest son. I can’t believe in 22 months (The age difference between my two youngest) the cost went up $32x 12 months x 18 years= $6,912.  I will now need to make an adjustment or two in my current extra spending and I will need to be a little more focused on my coupon shopping. I am going to try to change my focus from lets see how much I can get for $125.00 a week to buying what we actually need. I will do it because of the little guy pictured above. He is worth a couple of cuts, clips, and shopping trips.

What motivates you to coupon shop?

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  1. SN says

    Just make sure your kiddos major in something useful. I know quite a few parents that paid for their kids to go to college only to have them return home jobless with a worthless degree. Whereas the kids that have to pay for their own college tend to choose more wisely. Just a thought! Good luck!

    • Madame Deals says

      That is why I have a teaching degree because the world will always need teachers… I know that it take motivation to make things happen no matter if you have a degree or not. I currently run a help desk for a software application company… and my degree has nothing to do with that… but a positive can do attitude and hard work pay off. I suggest they get any job they can and work their way up!

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