Reducing Your Utility Bills

Money Saving Monday

The theme for Money Saving Monday is utilities. This is the hardest part of the year as far as utility bills go. Many of us have seen a large jump in our electric and heating bills. December was a hard month with below freezing tempartures for almost the whole month.

Making sure you have your doors and windows well sealed will cut back on drafts. Add some weather striping to seal the leaks. Close your blinds and drapes at night to help with insulation. If it is a sunny day, makes sure the blinds are open to let in some natural heat!

Use your ceiling fans. Most ceiling fans have a reverse mode. Using a ceiling fan in revers will push the warm air down. We have a loft that heats up very quickly when the fireplace is on. Using the ceiling fan in that space pushes the warm air towards the downstairs.

Clean your air filters. Air filters should be cleaned or changes every month. This will keep your heater running efficiently. Plus, it will increase the life of your heat pump or furnace.

Turn your lights off! I know this sounds so simple, but it is a constant battle in our house. I constantly have Trace Adkin’s country song in my head that goes “every light in the house is on, the backyard ‘s bright as the crack of dawn”. I actually sound like my mother most days, “turn the lights off when you walk out of a room”. It is true though, being conscious of turning off lights and unplugging appliances you and not using will surely reduce your bill. Using Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) will help too!

Turning your thermostat down a degree or two is another idea. I have to say that I leave our thermostat at 72 degrees. This is my one splurge. I am cold even at 72 degrees! After last months bill though, I am considering lowering it a degree or two.

What are your tips on saving money on utility bills?


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  1. says

    Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I too have to “splurge” on the heat for the thermostat as I somehow have this gene that makes me cold at anything less than 75 degrees. I know, it’s a sad condition but I am happy that I have a supportive family! :) hehe

    Thanks for the tips! they are great!

  2. says

    Great tips, Renae! We use ceiling fans year round, too – circulates the cool air in the summer and pushes heat down to the first floor in the winter.

    Thanks for linking to Money Saving Monday!

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