Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

Do you wonder what to do with those plastic Easter eggs? We decided to put together a comprehensive list of what to do with those plastic easter eggs once you are done using them for Easter.

Ways to Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

1) Put them away for next year

2) Dead fish coffin… I know you have had a fish die why not give it a nice casket.

3) Hold play dough We have an awesome recipe for some kids play dough recipe that they can make

4) Holder for stress release salve we also have a recipe for that Diy Basic salve home remedy headache

5) Mold for jello Jigglers…


6. Use them to store Polly Pocket Clothes.

Easter Egg Ideas

7. Store Barbie Shoes and Accessories.

8. Use as sandbox toys/molds

9. Use the eggs to organize nylons or knee highs in your drawers.

Easter Egg Ideas 2

10. Make fun ice cubes for drinks or a party.

11. Use for impromptu scavenger hunts.

12. Pack earrings or jewelry in so it is not loose in your luggage.

13. Use these as decors for your Christmas tree. Make it a fun Christmas project with your kids to decorate the eggs for Christmas.

14. Print out quotes or scriptures and place one inside each egg. Then place it in a big jar. Kids can get one or two a day.

15. You can also fill some eggs with candies or small toys or small gifts and call it your special rewards jar.

16. Use it for crafts like making egg-animals

17. Use them to store hair ties, barrettes, bobby pins, strechy head bands and other hair accessories.

Easter egg ideas hair

18. Use to start seeds

19. Tooth keeper for the tooth fairy

20. Use them as wobbly bowling balls and knock down homemade pins made from toilet paper rolls.

easter egg maracas

21 Make some DIY Maracas Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Share with us your tips on how to Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs. Leave a comment below.

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