Adventures In Food

There is a huge joke surrounding me. I take pictures of the food I eat. It all started when I was looking at my husband’s camera when he came back from Vietnam. He had the most amazing pictures of food. He didn’t have pictures of anything on his camera but food. It made me giggle! I thought how much of our memories revolve around food. I figured I better take my own pictures to remind me of the wonderful meals I have had!

Abboccato  This was so yummy! Crispy Risotto Fritters, Wild Mushroom, truffl

Wild Mushroom Flat bread- Truffle cheese, Robiola, Ricotta


                                                         Fritti- Polenta Coated Crispy Seafood, Lemon Aio

Polpetti- Nonna’s Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce



Italian Spread Selection of Eggplant, Sheep’s Milk Ricotta, White Beans served with Crostini

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