Recipes Kids Can Make


Recipes Kids Can Make

If you want your kids to love cooking then start them early. Get them into the kitchen and teach them some easy recipes kids can make. Not only will they learn how to make their favorite food, this will also be a fun bonding time for parents and children. A perfect way to teach them and at the same time make memories that will last a lifetime.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for kid

Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Make your kids day extra special by surprising them with a delicious power breakfast to jump start their day. Our breakfast recipes for kids are perfect for busy moms, because we made sure that these are quick and easy that kids can even make it themselves.

Fun and Easy Recipes for Kids

Fun and Easy Recipes for Kids

Who says food should be boring and serious? We have gathered our list of fun and easy recipes for kids, so that you can introduce your little ones to the kitchen. Most of these recipes doesn’t need to be cooked, such as monkey food and smoothies, making it perfect for small kids to make.

 Dinner Recipes for Kids

Dinner Recipes for Kids

Yes kids can make dinner and we are not just talking about heating frozen meals. We have easy dinner recipes for kids that are easy enough for them to follow and make. How about easy mexican lasagna, sounds delicious? It tastes delicious too, so get your kids and yes especially teens into the kitchen to make a special dinner for the family.

Kids Snack Recipes

Kids Snack Recipes

Make tasty snacks that kids will look forward to every day. Check out our collection of kids snack recipes, we have homemade doughnuts recipe, healthy lettuce boats and a lot more.


Healthy Cooking with Kids

Start your kids early in having a lifestyle of eating healthy food. We made healthy cooking with kids fun, easy and of course appetizing that even picky eaters will surely love it. We have no sugar homemade apple sauce, vegan lemon hummus recipe and more.

simple easter recipe for kids

Holiday Recipes for Kids

We love holiday seasons because it’s a great time to be creative in the kitchen. Host a fun party or just a make a holiday extra special for kids with our list of Valentine Recipes, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween Recipes, Christmas Recipes and more holiday recipes for kids. All these are colorful, delightful and super flavorful.

Dessert Recipes for Kids

Make mouthwatering desserts every day without busting your budget or taking tons of time to make. Our dessert recipes for kids are perfect for everyone’s sweet tooth. And since kids look forward to desserts for sure they will love to help you out in the kitchen to make it, such as our kid friendly mousse recipe.


Topic: Recipes Kids Can Make

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  1. gwendolyn says

    These are some really great recipes. I can’t wait to try them out with my daughter. We are homeschooling and this will be a wonderful way to incorporate math into cooking.

    • Rhiannon Murphy says

      I really want to try out these recipes with my 9 year old daughter!! There are some great ones that she would like to help with.

      • Ali Renee Santell says

        As a college student with no children of my own yet, I actually think it would be fun to make some of these myself!

  2. Jackie says

    My daughters are older now, but when they were young they loved to help me cook. Learning to cook not only teaches a good skill..,.but helps teach math (measuring). Now that they are older (teens) they love to bake and try new recipes. These looks like some fun and easy recipes.


  3. Christina says

    I love these recipes! I can’t wait to show them to pmy daughter. She’s loves cooking & baking with me. Mama daughter time here we come!
    Thank you.

  4. Megan Parsons says

    These are awesome! Thanks for sharing! My daughter loves to cook and is always asking for new things to make!

  5. Stacey B says

    My son unfortunately doesn’t really care to cook with me, but I’m having a daughter in August so I hope we can do fun recipes like this!

  6. clarissa says

    A great collection of recipes. I try to get all my children started cooking young. Such a useful skill to have in life

  7. Anna Memphis says

    Cooking at a young age is something that’s new to me — I’m in my late 20s, and my mom’s idea of “letting me help” was to let me lick the spoon! That said, I’m always cooking now, so perhaps my kid is going to be more than spoon-motivated.

  8. courtney hennagir says

    i found this page at a perfect time! my son has been asking to help cook for the family and i told him i would find some fun recipes for him,and here they are! he will be so excited to try these out.thank you!!

  9. Janet Jackson says

    wonderful recipes! can’t wait to let the kids get in on the fun in the kitchen! 🙂

  10. says

    Great ideas! I plan to cook with my 9 year old sister this summer while she’s on break from school we might have to give some of these a go.

  11. Karen Glatt says

    These are such a great selection of recipes to make and any kid would love to help and make these recipes. So many healthy and tasty recipes. I am going to make some of them!

  12. Sacha Schroeder says

    This is perfect! My daughter is having 4 little girls sleepover this weekend and a couple of this will come in handy. Thank you so much for posting them!

  13. mandala says

    Thank you for posting easy and fun recipes. I love the Sugar free Banana Bread recipe featured on the Healthy Cooking with Kid page. Thanks!

  14. says

    These are great ideas for fun recipes for kids! Thanks for sharing…makes me want to get in the kitchen with my wee ones now hehe 🙂

  15. Helen May says

    Such a good idea! Love the fruit cups and chocolate pudding with strawberries…’s making me hungry!

  16. Mary Fagans says

    These are great recipes. They look like they are easy to make and fun for the kiddos to help, thanks for posting!

  17. Dawn k says

    What an amazing collection of recipes. After hearing I’m hungry al weekend, we are going to try some of these!

  18. Diane L says

    Some of my fondest memories are of the times I spent teaching my kids how to cook. I look forward to doing this when I have grandkids, too!

  19. Gail Williams says

    Just getting my young granddaughter into cooking . We will enjoy going through recipes from here this summer when she comes to cook 2 times a week!

  20. says

    It’s a great idea to get kids in to cooking when they are young. I wish I had done that with my son. If I had done that, maybe he would be able to make more than just macaroni and cheese. lol Thanks for the great article!

  21. says

    Great ideas!! Both my boys love to bake with me…they are still not very interested in cooking, but maybe these recipes will change that!

  22. Lisa Garner says

    I love that you have such a variety of simple recipes for kid to make. It helps them learn in the kitchen and is something they can be proud of completing on their own.

  23. Jocelyn Martinez says

    It is great when there are ways that kids can help and make things in kitchen I am going to have to try some of these with my nieces and nephews

  24. Kat Riley says

    Great suggestions for us to use when our granddaughter comes to visit. She will be thrilled to be able to make dinner for grandpa.

  25. Michele P says

    my 11 yr old loves to cook with me, I can’t wait to try some of these recipes with her throughout the year since it will be lots of fun.

  26. shirley zolenski says

    I think the healthy cooking is good. They are more apt to eat things they make and it helps them to eat healthier

  27. Sam Stamp says

    Thank you for the great recipes! I can’t wait to try out the Homemade Donuts with my cousins! And next winter I’ll have to try the snow cream recipe!

  28. Dawn Monroe says

    Its amazing how easy it is to get kids to eat healthy…just let them help make it and they want to eat it.

  29. Arik Issan says

    Is making pizza too messy for young kids? We used to make it at the local pizza place for birthdays. Lots of fun.

  30. Gail Williams says

    These are great recipes for kids. I watch 2 granddaughters who like to make recipes with me in the kitchen so I am always looking for simple ideas like these. Thanks!

  31. Stephanie Bodine says

    Love all the recipes! I am teaching my daughter how to cook and I see alot of recipes her and i can make together! Love the ice cream cone cupcakes recipe!

  32. Shannon Gallagher says

    these are some great ideas for having fun with kids while cooking something yummy! Thank you for directing me here!!

  33. Holly says

    love involving kids with cooking. my daughter is all into making her own smoothies now. thanks for the recipes

  34. becky vanderpool says

    Wonderful ideas, my daughter is starting to show interest recently in helping me in the kitchen so i think it would be fun to try a few of these out with her.

  35. says

    I make these fun little ‘ice creamless ice cream cones” with my daughter. Take a sugar ice cream cone- putt a caramel square in the bottom of it, add a layer of chocolate chips then put a Marshmallow on top. Put it in the micro for like 15-23 seconds depending on how strong yours is. The marshmallow puffs up like an ice cream would look.

  36. Lisa Konieczke says

    My Daughter Hailey is 8 yrs old and loves to help me in the kitchen. She always asks to stir or add the ingredients. Though Im over afraid she will get burned or hurt somehow, I have to let her help. She loves to help me with my Chicken and Penne Casserole, she dumps in the ingredients and stirs. I dump it in the baking dish, she levels it out and tops it with cheese. I like that it gives her confidence and makes her feel important. I think she will enjoy making this recipe from your post: Recipes Kids Like: Super Cheesy Rotini. It’s something I know she will like and its not far from what she does when we make our casserole. Im saving these recipes. I like our one on one time in the kitchen together.

  37. Tina says

    You have so many fun recipes for kids. I still have my Scholastic cooking books that my mom bought me in the 1st grade. Start teaching kids how to cook and take care of themselves when they are young and they won’t starve as adults 🙂

  38. tessa s says

    What great ideas! Now that I am a stay at home mommy I will have to try some of these out! My girls would love them! Thanks for this!

  39. Jennifer Ingram says

    All yummy and healthy! My 4year old will love getting to put these together and eating them! She also loves to help me make cornbread! 🙂

  40. Lisa Hackney says

    What wonderful recipes!! My kids are always asking to help out in the kitchen. It’s nice to have some ideas of things they can actually help with!!

  41. Julia says

    I love this page! My kids always love to help out in the kitchen especially my daughter and this is great to have recipes to have for times when they really can help out.

  42. Renee Wright says

    I love finding new recipes, and my boys are getting to the age where they want to help me cook. I love finding new ones that they will like and actually eat!

  43. Keely Hostetter says

    my kids love helping in the kitchen, especially when they make it look like a craft:) Thanks for the ideas

  44. Heather Kenville says

    Its good to get kids involved in what they are eating and they are so simple and fun, ill make sure to refer back to this when my nephew is over

  45. kim curzon says

    some really great recipes here; gonna have to try some with my daughter; she loves being in the kitchen and helping!

  46. Jody Arbogast says

    You really have some creative recipes. I would love to try some out for my 6 yr old son. he has food allergies, so it would be great. Thank you.

  47. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I really like the Mother’s Day: Sweet Tulip Pop Treat. My 6 yr old grandson always wants to make or buy something for his momma for Mother’s Day.
    He would be so proud to make these and to give them to his momma. We could make them at any time because he thinks every day is Mother’s Day.
    I like the other recipes also. I have found that when the children are involved in the cooking they are more likely to eat healthy foods.

  48. amybelle2001 says

    The Holiday recipes look like a lot of fun and would be a great way to incorporate holiday treats with a learning opportunity. Thanks!

  49. Jeanette Jeno says

    I like the breakfast recipies. My son does not like to eat breakfast much. But I have discovered if I have him help me he will eat it.

  50. Ashley Pate says

    These are great! Me and my kids LOVE being in the kitchen and making neat things…we will definitely do alot of these 😀 thanks so much for sharing

  51. amy says

    I would guess this would certainly encourage picky eaters to eat if they are a part of it.

    does with mine – a littl elol

  52. says

    I have always loved including my kids in cooking in the kitchen. Many schools don’t offer home ec anymore so if they are going to learn how to do it I might as well be their teacher.

  53. Michelle L. says

    I love the healthy recipes. I actually have some recipe books made for kids that my kids have used! They love helping out in the kitchen:)

  54. Charice Adams says

    My kids are always trying to help out in the kitchen! I think its time to start teaching my 7 year old a little more!

  55. darlene olvera says

    My grandkids would love these. They are always wanting to help in the kitchen so this looks like a great way to let them do that.

  56. Tamie Tarbox says

    Love to see some new recipes for the Holiday’s that I can make with the kids. Healthy and appropriate. Just our style.

  57. Jenni says

    Omgosh these are such cute ideas!!! My girls are at that age where they want to help mommie with everything, and these kid friendly recipes will be perfect for them to make!! Thanks so much for sharing these 🙂

  58. K Tudman says

    I love this diy! I couldn’t think of a better thing to teach kids but to not only cook, but cook healthy. Thank you!

  59. Melissa Witzgall says

    I enjoy letting my kids in the kitchen to help me cook. It teaches them so much. Hygiene in the kitchen , measurements, how to read the box, and best of all how to cook. I look forward to finding more recipes for our home.

  60. Becky Richied says

    love this!! I am such a better crocker right now, trying out so many recipes and these are awesome and perfect to try with my 3 year old grandson, we’re cooking partners.

  61. Laura J says

    OH I love having all these on one page! Carter and I love to spend time cooking and making things. He gets so excited to be able to help and loves to eat what he made!!!!!! Oh the Valentines Strawberry Shortcake looks so fun!

  62. lissa crane says

    Love this part of your blog and I would not have known about it if not for the contest! Thanks for sharing-I will be trying many of these-I espcially can’t wait to try the Princess cupcakes-I made a separate comment for them bc they are so adorable!!

  63. Jessica Stratton says

    Thank you for posting these recipes! I have five kids and we always cook together. This will really give us more things to cook together! Thank you.

  64. Candace D. says

    My kids love to cook, I am starting them a cookbook of their own recipes for them to have when they move out.

  65. Danielle Lindquist says

    My 12 year old son is always looking for new recipes to make, he got more into cooking when he saw Master Chef Jr haha I am a weirdo tho and don’t let him do or use certain things by himself so this is awesome! Thanks

  66. Mary Brock says

    I love cooking with my kids. I have 5 kids altogether and I don’t have to worry about my “grown” kids starving to death now that they are living on their own. It’s great for them to learn young so they can grow to enjoy cooking when they are older.

  67. Karen F says

    We have a large family Christmas party coming up and now I have a great activity for the kids. I am gonna pick out a couple of the recipes and I know they will have so much fun making them.

  68. Debbie Stone says

    I have a 17 yr old and 13 yr old girls who like to cook. Oldest wants to be a chef some day. Better get checking these out 🙂

  69. Roe Clark says

    awesome recipes….thanks for sharing….always a joy to have the kids help learn & cook….especially this time of the year….:-)

  70. Shelley Drady Enright says

    Thank you for this! My girls are just getting to the age where they ask to help me in the kitchen. I can’t wait to try some of these with them. 🙂

  71. Maureen Butcher says

    I never thought about adding lemon to hummus. Really great idea to give kids a chance to help cook healthier foods.

  72. Kellie Johnston-Hawthorne says

    Thank you for these. My husband cannot boil water and I refuse for our son to grow up that way! I am constantly looking for fun things we can do together in the kitchen!

  73. Jessica Claypool says

    I especially love the healthy cooking with kids recipes. The No Sugar Recipe for Kids: Grandma’s Homemade Applesauce caught my eye. All natural and easy to make! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  74. elysia perkins says

    always looking for easy things to do with my kids (b/g 5 year olds and a 10 year old boy) this will help out!

  75. Dorrie Turner says

    It is so great to have these kid friendly recipes, it’s a great way to instill confidence and independence, you can put on some music and have some good bonding time together as well!

  76. Joni Owada says

    This post was perfect timing. I was just thinking I needed some new ideas to do with the children in the kitchen. Thanks so much.

  77. says

    My nephew loves to help his momma out in the Kitchen, I just had to share these recipes with his momma so they can work on some together<3 They all sound so good.. Got this prego momma hungry. lol Thank you so much.

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