Why I Really Love Blogging

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why i love blogging

 People are always asking how I get to do the things I do, meet the people I meet and review the products I receive. When they learn that I write and blog, they naturally think that must be why I Really Love Blogging. The thing is as much as I love visiting new places and getting really cool products to review, that is not why I really love blogging. Blogging is more than the free stuff and interesting people I get to meet. It is hard to explain to people but after hosting a Disney Side Party for the kids at church, I finally found that I could at least put the reasons into words.

Why I Really Love Blogging

#1 – Creating Family Memories – Many times when writing recipes, designing crafts, and even reviewing products I involve my family. It is fun to see what we can do together and it helps bring them into what I am working on. Many of my favorite dishes and crafts have been created by kids or for my kids. My husband even likes to get involved so he doesn’t miss out. The memories we create are way more important than any free product.

#2 – Giving Back to Others – Some of my favorite projects involve paying it forward to others. This past Christmas I was able to drop off 4 huge boxes of toys to a local charity for their toy drive. My children came with us and seeing my children happily unload boxes of toys to go to other kids warmed my heart more than meeting a celebrity.

#3 – Promoting Local and Small Businesses –  With so many big businesses and stores on every corner it is hard for local and small businesses to spread the word. They do not have the money to spend for huge promotional ads like a large super store does. I love finding these hidden gems and being able to spread the word to others. Many of these businesses offer something special that people need to know about and helping spread the word is just a simple way to #PayItForward.

#4 – Bringing a Smile to Someone Else – At the recent Disney Side party for our church kids, I seen a few children who don’t smile very often with huge grins on their face. I also enjoy reading the emails or messages from people after they win a giveaway on how it brightened their day or the day of someone they know. On the long days when I am tired and I still have some writing to do, I remember these moments and get all the inspiration I need to keep going. 

#5  Learning New Things – When I started writing/blogging,I knew very little about the world I was entering. Although I know more now than I did then there is always something new to learn. This has helped create lessons with my children to show them that even when school is over there are chances to learn new things all the time. My brain thanks me for expanding my horizons and I love knowing that I have tackled a task and came out on top.

Although these may not be the reasons other people blog, these are the reasons Why I Really Love Blogging. Everyone has their own story, What is yours?

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