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Heather's shopping trip

Heather's shopping trip

Just last evening Heather attend our workshop so how did she do on her first trip out?

“Amee and Renae,

I just wanted to share the deals I got today.  I would have had much better “stats” had I been able to purchase the free Wacky Mac.  Not to mention that I got some produce that I needed for this weekend that wasn’t on sale.  So add in $1.79 of bananas, $3.49 for organic broccoli and $1.99 for organic baby carrots.  Without that stuff, I would have had a much better savings ratio, but still!  It was a good trip!
I spent $19.30.  My coupons tendered total at the bottom was $56.75 and my VIC savings was $27.35!  Not too shabby!  For 3 full bags of groceries!

Here’s my picture and thanks again for the workshop!
PS – I should mention that I had to hunt down all this stuff with 3 kids and one of them had an ear infection!  ;)”

Madame deals alert- This trip is valued at $103.40 Heather spent just $19.30 which is about 20% of the retail value of her groceries!!!

REAL PEOPLE Saving REAL money.. How about you?



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