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When looking for groceries outside of your regular community don’t forget that dollar generals, family dollar and max way generally carry bread, eggs and milk – for lower prices than the grocery store! my sister was surprised when I got this bread for approx. $1 a loaf….great for feeding a crowd sandwiches!


Food lion sale and coupons = great deals
Fruit cups sale 2/$4- $1/2 coupon = $3 for 8 fruit cups
Sandwich meat sale 2/$4 -.(2) 50/1 =2/$3
Cheese sticks 12 packs sale 3.19*2=6.40-$1/2 =$5.40 for 24 “protein snacks”
We did each of these delays multiple times in one transaction…our bag boy joked about what great bargain shopping we were doing…and he didn’t know we had 10 children waiting!

Thanks to Rachel for these tips!



Walgreens with their rewards card:
Butterball thin and crispy Turkey Bacon $.99
Farm Field Eggs. One dozen grade A large $.99
Total. $2.03 (includes tax)


4 cans Bumble Bee Tuna (5 ounces) packed in water Sale price $.99 each
(Wal-Marts price for same items is $1.53 a can)
1 can Campbell’s tomato soup on sale $.99 used $.50 red CVS red machine coupon
Wet N’ Wild Megalast nail polish $.99 used $1.00 manufacturer coupon
Total transaction $4.47 used $3.00 extra bucks for final out of pocket cost of &1.47

Thanks to Ruthann W. for these deals


1st wednesday of the month is senior discount day 10% off at krogers. Plus they had a sale going on buy 5 participating items get $5.00 off. I found coupons for some of those 5 items. I used my coupons, received $5 off, plus the 10% off. Would have been $181.00 spent $75. I had a 94% savings

Thanks Kim S. for this tip!



Fred’s today $36 value for 5.05 tax included
Maruchan -1/1 coupons=.05 /3 *7= .35 total
wet n wild 9 *.50 clearance price-1/1 coupons=free
5wet n wild reg. price – 1/1 coupons=free
Cover girl .50 clearance
Blush brush .50 clearance
Pork rinds .50 clearance *2=$1
Chest congestion medicine 5.50
7.85 subtotal.
Printable 5/25 Fred’s coupon
2.85 before taxes
Total coupon savings $21!

Thanks Rachel  for this real deals!



Walmart today – just paid tax on these items!
Dill relish .98- $1=.02 *5 =.10 overage
12 shaving gel 1.27-(4)   $6/3 coupon  = 8.76 overage
2 shaving gel 1.27-(1) use this $3/2 coupon = .46 overage
2 frigio cheese head 2.98*2-1/2=4.96
2 cream cheese 1.98=3.96


Walgreens today net cost $7.38, including tax
Value of $25
Five halls defense were $.67 each clearance price
Toothbrushes were on sale $2.99- 2 printable coupon=.99, got back $2 register reward
M&Ms 12.6 oz sale 2/$5- 1/2 aug. Walgreen book – (2) $1/1 printable=$2 /2
three transactions,used a $3 register reward from last week and used the $2 reward.

Thanks Rachel   for this real deals!



Dollar general $11.20 plus tax
The registers at my local store are not ringing up the sales as stated in the ad. The free bread with cheese offer is one that simply does not work properly – even when purchasing one bread and one cheese.
3 planters peanuts $3 each=9 – 2 instant savings &1/2 coupon=6
2 Kraft dressings $2 each=4 -.55/1 coupon= 3.45
4 jello puddings .75 each=3- 1/2 all you coupon=2
-(2)2/3 instant savings -for dressings and jello =1.45
Cheese slices 2.75
Bread 1 (should have rung up free with cheese) $1
Total 11.20 plus tax

Thanks Rachel  for this real deals!



Dollar general has some great deals this week. This haul was $22.50 for all but could have been cheaper. We misread one part of the ad (will return and buy promo..see below ) and one promo did not go through properly so district manager is to call me back (also see below).

BEST deal: .75 each jello or pudding, buy 3 save $2 instantly so $2.25 – 2= .25 for 3 boxes!! No limits.
Next select Kraft products are on sale, buy 3 save $2 instantly. Some have coupons. The sliced cheese is one of these items. So $2.75*3= 6.25-2= $4.25 for all three.

When you buy sliced cheese you get free bread (or hotdog or hamburger buns.) This is the promo that did not go as planned…I figured I should get 3 free breads due to 3 cheeses. Only one rang up free. Corporate office said they should have been free, no limit on free bread when you get sliced cheese but I am still awaiting a call from the district manager. For now I am out of pocket $2 for 2 bags of buns.
Oreos..I misread the deal. You have to buy one Oreo and one chip ahoys to get $1.50 off instantly. I missed the “and” …I plan to return these and get the promo properly in addition to using an Oreo coupon on the deal. Again I am currently put of pocket $3.25*3 = 9.75
Even with these issues the haul was more than 50% off regular price. I share this deal so 1- y’all can get the jello/ pudding! 2-you can learn from my mistakes:)) and 3- you can see how one can deal with such issues that “mess up” a scenario.

I hope to get back to DG this weekend and combine these sales with the 5/25 but wanted to get a few things for this week (and before they sold out.)

Thanks Rachel   for this real deals!



Walmart value $45 for only $14.88 by combining clearance and coupons!
Domino Light 40 pks box 1.92- 2 coupon = overage toward total
Dog food 4.98+3.98= 8.96- B1G1 coupon (auto deduct $4)= 4.96
Clearance yarns in basket with sign “50% off marked price, discount taken at register” (We did have to tell the cashier because they rang up the marked price. I had stopped an employee and pointed out the sign so he told me to have my cashier page him if there were any problems. I did tell her but there was not any question of what the sign said or how the price should be calculated. She simply took off the 50% – always better to be prepared though!)
3 @ $2 each
4 @ $1 each
Total before taxes $14.88

Thanks Rachel   for this real deals!


Office Depot Deal

3 spiral bound 70 page notebooks. Option of college or wide ruled. Each costs $.01 for total of $.03 Limit of 3

Rulers plastic, each costs $.01 for total of $.03. Limit of 3..

Total purchase $.06 plus tax

Thanks Ruthann for this deal!



Free purina treats available at Fred’s – $1 each, use $3/3 purina snack bag coupon
Paid tax only!


3.08 tax included at dollar general today– combined clearance with the purina treats $1 each regular price – $3/3 Purina coupon….no one store seems to be well stocked with these…the 2.6 oz size is the $1 bag so you may want to call ahead if you are going for this deal! These deals are good for a couple of months….till the coupon expires in October , they are not limited to one week only.


2nd trip to dollar general –this was the one that was not stocked last week…but was today! 4 Bic razors $1 each – (4) $3/1 = overage applied to total can only use 4 per day per household
Ham $3.40
Milk $2.85
Spice drops $1
Pimentos $1
Subtotal .35
Total with tax $1.21

Thanks Rachel  for this real deals!



Fiber one cereal (with coupons on the back!) $3/9 – $1/2 and .75/1= 7.25
4 chalk 2/$1 – (2) $1/2 = free
10 Kleenex sale price 5/$6- (2) $1/4= 10
Used (2) 7 ups from last week -$14
Out of pocket $4.05 got back $6 ups for the Kleenex and $1 up for the cereal so net cost $18.05 – 7$ rewards = $11.05
Since the cereal normally costs $5.29 the total is like paying for 2 cereals and a chalk then getting everything (another cereal, more chalk and 9 kleenex) else free!


3 cottonelle $5 each $15 – (3) 1/1 August book -(2) 1/1 – (1) .50/1=9.50, 3 RR
5 notebooks with in ad coupon $1
2 Bic highlighter packs with in ad coupon $1.58-1/1 Bic = .58
Total with tax 13.02 – 5000 points or $5 = 8.02 out of pocket and got 3 register rewards — as well as a couple of $2/10
Net cost was 13.02- 3 register rewards) = 10.02 for all 10 items

Thanks to Rachel   for this real deals!



Today, I didn’t get a lot but had awesome savings! I started the day with a $5 Beauty Bucks, $10 ECB from last week and a 25% off purchase I received in the mail for being an ExtraCare member.

I spent $0.70 before tax and got $50.91 in merchandise. I saved $50.21 or 98.6%!

Transaction #1

2 – Gillette Sensor 3 Disposable Razor 4 pack @ $9.79/ea ($19.58)
3 – Gillette Series Shave Gel @ $3.69/ea ($11.07)

Total before coupons, ECBs and tax – $30.65

1 – B1G1 Gillette Disposable Razor MQ
1 – $3/1 Gillette Disposable Razor MQ
1 – $6/3 Gillette Shaving Product MQ
1 – 25% off purchase CVS mailer (-$6.42)
1 – $5 Beauty Bucks

Total before tax – $0.44
I received a $10 ECB from Gillette.

Transaction #2

1 – CVS Nail Polish Remover $1.99
1 – CVS Body Wash $4.29
1 – CVS Men’s Body Wash $4.99
1 – Tampax Tampons 32 ct $6.99

Total before coupons, ECB’s and tax – $18.26

1 – $2/1 Tampax Radiant MQ
1 – $1/1 CVS cotton or nail polish remover Red Coupon Machine coupon
1 – $2/2 CVS Body Wash or Beauty Bar Red Coupon Machine coupon
1 – $3 off $10 CVS product Red Coupon Machine coupon
1 – $10 ECB from last week

Total before tax – $0.26
I received a $3 ECB from CVS and a $3 ECB from Tampax.

Thanks to Cryssi H. for these real deals!


Dollar general gives a $5/30 coupon on the bottom of receipts during the week for Saturday.

I planned mine to maximize the overage and use only free items to get to $25….it didn’t work out that way for two reasons 1- the cashier did NOT know the coupon policy and did not want to just scan the coupons and 2- one coupon rang up as a sale rather than a coupon! After an extended talk with the manager and call to district supervisor this is how the deals worked out.

*8 dial foam gels (from the dollar aisle) $1 each – $2/2 * coupon says no more than 4 per shopping trip…..this coupon rang up as a sale and only allowed 2 per transaction so we did 4 transactions paying tax only.
4 Bic razors $1 each – $3/1 coupon (scans fine but cashier did not want to scan…district supervisor approved)= $2 overage x4= 8 toward total
4 gum products b1g1 clearance 1.25 each – (2) .55/1 coupons
2 jif peanut butter $2.75 was marked sale $2
4 Hershey’s syrup $1.85 each – (2) $1/2 coupons
1 milk $2.85
(3) cheese blocks $2.75 was marked sale $2.40
1 mentors .55

Supposedly used $5/30 but if she did then the sale and clearance prices didn’t work…receipt is odd and what happened unclear….final total for all 27 items tax included was $15.74 still great but I doubt I will go back to that store…went to a second dollar general with a very knowledgeable manager.


A family member and I went to rite aid. She did MUCH better rolling her $7 up from last week than I did…we both got the stay free on sale for (2)$3 – $1/1 coupon= $4 out of pocket and got $4 ups back.
She got the nips sale $1 each, $1 up when you buy $2 so net cost of .50 each box. She paid 8 ($1 and the $7 up) then got $6 ups back net cost $2 plus tax.
I paid .57 for each snickers and $2.15 for the coffee filters so my net cost was $3.47 plus tax
She did btw give me permission to post these side by side:))


2nd trip to dollar general: 3 purina $1 each – 3/3 coupon = free
6 snausages 1.25 each – (3) $1.50/2 coupons (had to be put in manually .75 on each bag) =$3
1 Bic razor pack – $3/1= $2 overage
$1 plus tax

Thanks to Rachel   for these real deals!



Went to Walgreens today to get more turkey bacon (someone gave me more coupons) and found jello on clearance for only $.30 a box — great for sugar free gummy candies so we stocked up!


Check your receipts- chick fil a offers a free sandwich when you answer their online survey. It took me approximately 5 minutes and saved us $2.95 — a free chicken sandwich. Certainly a great deal in my book!

Thanks to Rachel   for these real deals!



Saved 98% at cvs today and made money while rolling a $5 extra buck from last week!

Soothe eye drops are normally $11.49, sale 5.49- $4/1 coupon ($4/1 Bausch & Lomb Soothe, exp. 8/31/13 (SS 06/30/13))

Bought 2 =11.49- (2) $4/1 and $2/8 cvs machine coupon= $1.49

Pantene shampoo on clearance $1.24 – $3/2 coupon ($3/2 Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Product, exp. 8/31/13 (RP 08/04/13 #2))  = overage to total

Snickers .99- .75 cvs machine coupon = .24

4 nips candy boxes ( thought they had a reward….and they do but NOT at cvs – at rite aid!) =3.96

Used $5 extra buck and paid out of pocket $1.55

Got back $5 extra buck for soothe and $1 extrabuck for Pantene

Net cost .55 including tax for all 9 products!!

*there were lots of shampoo clearance tags but my store was pretty well depleted…if you go take head and shoulders, herbal essence coupons in addition to Pantene- maybe your store will still have some on the shelves!)

Thanks to Rachel  for this real deals!


Angel soft club price .99 cents
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (must buy for for price) .99 cents
Cherrios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Must buy 4 for price) $1.49
Nature Valley Bars (must buy 4 for price) .99 cents

45 cents off any 1 Angel Soft from the 7/28 PnG (8)
50/1 printable for Angel Soft (4)
50/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (4)
60/1 Cherrios (4)
50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (4)
75/1 Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares (4)
My Safeway doubles everything up to $1 in value.

Total: 3.21

King Soopers:

Free coupon from Facebook for the Melt Organic Butter Spread (4)
Recipe Starters are 3.49. ECoupon for 2/1 made it 1.50 and there is a catalina printing for a free box on your next order and the catalina is rolling. We ended up getting 109 boxes between the two of us.

I still have a catalina left for a free box of recipe starters. This is one HOT deal!

Thanks to Danielle P. for this real deals!



This was from Kohl’s. I had a $10 off $25 purchase on all kids apparel as well as a 15% off coupon, which they will allow you to use together. Paid $8.07 for these. By the way, coupons are still good until August 18th. Great for the back to school shoppers!

Thanks Chelsey P. for this real deals!


Everything pictured $4.52 (+tax) 88% savings at Walmart
El Monterey burritos $1 each – .50 coupon
Gillette shaving cream $1.27 each – (2) $3/2 and (2) $6/ 3
Kens salad dressing 2.58 – $1 coupon
Farm house salad dressing 2.98- $ 1 coupon
Domino light sugar packets $1.92 each – (1)1.50 and (2) $2 coupons
All coupons came from the Sunday paper inserts. Overage from the gillette was applied to total.

Thanks to Rachel  for this real deals!



If you can print a coupon from Facebook then you can get free turkey bacon this week at Walgreens.
Walgreens has butterball turkey bacon on sale this week for $.99
I used 8 coupons for the turkey –there are several available (newspapers, all you, even a $1/1 Facebook coupon..some are $1/2) I was unable to print the Facebook coupon.
Eggs are on sale $.99/ dozens
I redeemed 5000 pts. (Points not redeemable on eggs)
Paid out of pocket $4.24 including tax
Net cost $9.24 for approximately $30 of food! This is exciting for me since we live in the land of no doubles (for grocery stores).

Thanks to Rachel  for this real deals!


This deal is from today! I bought 10 Gillette shave gels at $1.27 each and 2 BIC razors at $2.38 each. Total before coupons was $18.68 (minus 10% for employee discount- my husband is an employee) I used 2 $3 off 1 BIC disposable razor, 2 $3 off 2 Gillette products, and 2 $6 off 3 Gillette products. Final total was an overage of $6.61.

Thanks Samantha Brown for this real deals!



22 items for $15.50 tax included, saved $42 at Dollar General

10 double pack angel soft tissues 2.50 each
10 angel soft 4 double roll packs 2.50 each
2 gallons milk 2.85 each
Subtotal 55.70
B1g1 sale in 8/4-8/10 ad on tissues / toilet paper (in register each deducted 1.25)
-$5/30 DG coupon (on receipt during week)
– (5) 1/1 tissues peelie in to
-(5) .50 tissues 7/28 Sunday paper
-(10) .45 toilet paper 7/28 Sunday paper
$13.70 plus tax $15.50 for all…
Like getting milk free and paying only .78 for each of the other items….


The Bic school supply coupon in last weeks’s paper has had (and will have next week) the potential to get FREE items at many stores. These pens came from Walmart , priced at .97 each and the .03 cent overage per coupon per item went toward the tax for that item. So, we only had to pay part of the tax on these items.

Other Bic free items include:
Rite aid –wite out (full coverage and quick dry)
Target — mechanical pencils
Kmart, Walmart, Walgreens –pens as pictured
Walgreens also has a bic 4 pk of nicer (normally 3.99) pens for .99

Thanks to Rachel   for this real deals!



Conair appliances are on sale with ups this week at rite aid. The normal prices are $16.99- $23.99) marked down to $16.99. The appliances are producing a $7 monthly ups offer. (The $7 ups weekly offer is a typo according to the corporate office. ) so net cost for each appliance is $10
Bic wite out is.99 and I used (2) $1/1 coupon from the Sunday paper. Completely free school supplies are great!


3 Bic pens sale 99 each
Hose clearance priced .79
8x 10 collage totally free (normally $3.99, used email code this weekend)
Caress soap sale 5/$5 I only had 2 coupons
Used (2)$1/1 caress from Sunday paper
Used (3) $1/1 Bic product
$1.34 not including tax 92% savings at Walgreens

Thanks to Rachel for this real deals!



Paid $0.12 tax included for 21 items valued over $30

Beneful prepared meals 10 oz are on sale buy one get one free at Kmart this week. We price matched them at Walmart and used bogo coupons from the 7/28 ss Sunday paper. The coupons went through at full price $2.49 though the meals were $1.77 thus the overage was used for the (5) .17 notebooks and 2 $1.58 ($3.16) as well as most of the tax. We paid $.12 total including tax!

(Yes , well aware I could have used the overage better but sometimes you splurge on a cold drink….)

Thanks to Rachel   for this real deals!



I scored all of these for $1 at CVS!!

Revlon Nail Polish $4.99, buy 1 get 3ECB = $1.99 -$2 7/28 SS = free
Right Guard Body Wash $3.00, buy 2 get 2ECB = $3 x 2 = $6 – 2ecb = $4 – $2 RP 8/4 – $2 RP 8/4 = 0
Tone Body Wash $3.50, buy 2 get 2ECB = $3.50 x 2 = $7 – 2ECB = $5 – $2/ 2 RP 8/4 = $3
– $2 / $10 Body Wash CVS Machine Coupon = $3 – 2 = $1

:D That’s only 25 cents per body wash :D

Thanks to Jessica R. for this real deals!


34 nail polishes, 2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts. The nail polishes were 93¢ each and I had $1 coupons for all of them, so I made 7¢ off each one so that’s $2.38 in overage. The clothes were $2 each so the overage went to the clothes which I only paid for those so the total was $6.28 for everything!!!

Thanks to Catrina E. for this real deals!



You can get great deals on office supplies as well as school supplies. One way to do so is to become a member of office depot ‘s work life reward club. This past weekend we received an email. This offer was exclusive to members. It was so unadvertised that when we went to the store to pick it up the employees and manager knew nothing about it. I showed them the email and got the following deal.

One box of 5 reams (500sheets) of paper for $24.99 , 200 points or $20 reward
Limit 2

Net cost of $1 / ream or 500 sheets of copy paper– great for printable coupons:))

Thanks to Rachel   for this real deals!


I purchased 8 jars Skippy PB, 1G HT milk, 3 Dawn Dish Detergents, 1 Febreeze Effects, 1 Febreeze Car, 1 Simply Lemonade, 2 Oxy Max Facewash, 1 Wheat Thins. 3- Bar S Bun Lenght HD, 4 AngelSoft Tissues & 1 Jimmy Dean Delight 4pk Breakfast Sandwiches. I used 3 .75 off 2 Skippy. I used 2-.55 cent off 1 Skippy. I used 3-.50 off Dawn, 1-$1.00 off each Febreeze item + ZVR. I used 2-$2 off Oxy. Milk was on sale. 1-.75 off Wheat Thins, 3-.50 off Bar S, 3-.50 off Angel Soft. 1-$1 off Jimmy Dean.

There was an HT promo, buy $10 worth off Angel Soft, Jimmy Dean get $3 off at the register. Used $10 off 40 purchase from Target and $5 off HT purchase HT loyalty coupon.

Thanks to Trish Montello for this real deals!



Today we went to Rite Aid and were able to purchase the following:
3 notebooks 70 pages 3/.99
3 mead composition notebooks 3/1.98
1 mouthwash 2.99
16 Wet n wild items $.69 each
Used 10 $1/1 wet n wild coupons
Rolled a $2 up from last week
Paid out of pocket $6.19 (including tax)
Received .99 up for notebooks, 1 up for mead, and 2.99 up for mouthwash
Paid with $2 up and 6.19 = 8.19 – 1.19 tax = 7 -4.98 ups for next week= $2.02
Not including tax we paid a net cost of $2.02 for all of this ( approx. savings of 94%)
Surprise bonus was a .50/1 wet n wild eyeliner coupon printed on my receipt…so with the sale I got an eyeliner for .20 tax included!


Fred’s store doubles coupons up to $.70 on Saturdays BUT only one identical one per transactions. So, this took my whole family a few trips today! Take a friend or your family and show them the joys of coupon doubling!
Last weeks’s Sunday paper had a $.50/1 coupon for sparkle paper towels — with a single roll pictured on the coupon. Fred’s sells these rolls for $1 each everyday. We only had to pay tax!
This deal is good through the middle of August when the coupon expires- so (saturday) go get your free paper towels!


This week at Walgreens the nano blood monitor were on sale for $7.99 with a reward of 3000 points (approximately $3 when redeemed). Combine the sale and rewards with a coupon in the Walgreens diabetes book for $5 off and you will end up with a net cost of $0. What makes this deal really amazing is that there is a rebate in the box!
Reach toothbrush was $2.99, used a $1/1 coupon , paid $1.99 then got register rewards for $1.99 so net cost $0.
The hose were on clearance. Net cost for all pictured was under $1 including tax! Net value is $20.

Thanks to Rachel  for these super hot real deals!



Sunkist 99c – 30c CVS Coupon Machine = 69c
Dawn 99c – .50c 7/28 PG = 25c ea
M&Ms Candies & Bar 1.19 Buy 2 get 1 free – 3 x BOGO 7/14 RP = 1.19 for all 6 (20c ea)
Snickers Pouch 2.50 – 1.00 printable = 1.50

.69 + .25 + .25 + 1.19 + 1.50 = 3.88 – 3 CVS Email Coupon = .88 for all!! :D

Thanks Jessica R. for your real deals!


Here are the past months real deals sent to us by my readers!


Stay free pads are on sale at rite aid this week for 2.99. We used. $1/1 coupon from all you magazine, paid $1.99 and got back $2 up. So the pads were totally free!

We used the candy as a filler because I wanted to roll a $2 up from last week on the pads but the total with my silver card was only $1.89

The candy was on sale and we used the b1 g 1 coupon from the paper to pay only $.78 (excluding tax since that is different for different states!) total for everything pictured! The surprise came whence got two Catalina coupons for $1/2 and $1.50/1 stay free pads as well as $1.50/1 dove men’s wash. The limit on the stay free pads offer is two so the $1.50 /1 could be rolled again….:))

I got my all you subscription free using coke rewards..and lest you say “well you bought the cokes.” Actually no, friends and neighbors give us their caps because they don’t have computers and don’t use the cap rewards!

Thanks to Rachel   for this amazing real deals!



Shopping at GNC can be a lot less expensive if you shop their clearance , sales, and use their mail out coupons. This order was 50% off after combining the above three money saving strategies. The orange tagged protein bars were on clearance as well as buy 2 get 1 free. The supplements were buy one get the second half off. I also had a coupon from a mailer for $10/$20. The final total was including tax $19.49 for $41 worth of sale product – I didn’t even get the retail prices (and they are not on the receipt.)


92% savings on the items on the left and 50% savings on the cough drops!
This week at cvs the coupon machine is printing a coupon for .79 off 1 paper towel. The paper towel are on sale for .79 each = FREE paper towels!

Also printing this week is a $3/2 Colgate coupon. Combine that with the $2/2 coupon from the newspaper as well as the store deal of buy $10 Colgate product get $5 extra bucks and you can get 2 – 7.6oz tubes of Colgate total advanced FREE (you will pay $4.98 out of pocket and get $5 extra bucks)

Last week the coupon machine printed $3/2 cvs facial wipes. There are several varieties of cvs facial wipes in the travel section which are priced between $1.09 and $1.70. I chose 2 packs priced at $1.49 used $3/2 =FREE

Last week I also got a $3/2 Kotex by u coupon from the machine. I combined it with a $1/1 printable and the sale price of 3.99 18 ct pads . My second pack was the 18 ct liners for 1.49 total for the two was $1.48 *if I had printed another $1/1 this would have been .49* manufacturer coupons can be stacked with cvs coupons.

I rolled a $5 extra buck from last week, paid $1.49 and tax then got $5 extra bucks! So for 8% of the retail I got all the items on the left of the picture.
The cold section at our store was heavily marked with clearance tags. The four bags of sugar free were 50% off. While dollar tree has cough drops my dollr tree does not have the sugar free and or natural Ricola drops.

Thanks to Rachel   for this amazing real deals!



I scored an AMAZING deal on Huggies Diapers & wipes using a CVS Huggies mailer coupons PLUS a $5 off $25 diaper & wipes coupon from the CVS Coupon Machine! Here’s my deal:

BOUGHT: 2 big packs of Huggies diapers on sale $9.99 & 4 boxes of Huggies wipes on sale for $2.99

* Coupon & deals used:
-$5 ECB when you spend $15 limit 2.
-Manufacturer Coupons Used: $2 off Huggies Diapers printable (x2), $1 off Huggies wipes Printable (x4)
-CVS Coupons used: $1.50 Huggies Diapers & $1.00 Huggies wipes (These were in a Huggies CVS Mailer, limit 1 coupon per customer)
– CVS Coupon Machine: $5 / $25 baby diaper purchase

So here’s the breakdown:

  • $19.98 (2 diapers at $9.99) + 11.96 (4 wipes at $2.99) = $31.94 – $4 ($2 diaper Q x2) = 27.94 – $4 (wipes Q x4) = 23.94 – $1.50 CVS Diaper Q = 22.44 – $1.00 CVS wipes Q = 21.44 – $5 CVS Q Machine = 16.44 – $10 ECB = 6.44)
  • So $6.44 for 2 diapers & 4 wipes! Which you can figure any way you want, but it equals 8cents per diaper (62ct total for size 3) and 1/2 cent per wipe :) or 10 cents per diaper & free wipes… regardless of how you want to put it, it’s an AWESOME deal on Huggies :)

Thanks Jessica Rozak for this real deals!



Our local “pick your own” peach farm closed last year due to the elderly owners retiring. Thus we were left looking for another inexpensive source for peaches. Through another church, we were able to buy in bulk from a Mennonite source. Be sure to consider choices for buying in bulk other than Sams and Costco! We purchased 25 lbs of peaches for $12!! Yes, some of the peaches are in a paper bag in my picture- we wanted them to ripen quickly!

Thanks to Rachel  for this Real Deals!



I went shopping at Walmart and bout $310.00 worth if stuff and I spent $3.10 total after coupons. I had coupons for everything I bought except the cereal cups which I got free with overage on other stuff.

Thanks Kelly H. for this real deals!



Walgreen’s: water $1.99 x 3
Candy: $1 ea used $1/2 skittles
Bayer: clearance .$2.13 used $2/1 Bayer
Gillette body wash: clearance $2.29 bogo 50% -used $2/2 = .75 ea
Wal-Mart: 4 ivory roll back .97 ea, used 4 .40/1
Clairol- 14 price matched at 2 for $6 used 7 $5/2
Oil of Olay – 2 for $4 used $1 off 1 blinkie
Right guard – 2 for $6 used 2 $2/1
Garnier cleanser- clearance $2.50 used 2 $1 off
Skintimate 2 for $4 (price match) used 8 $1 off
Grand total only 36.45
Total retail $140.19

Thanks to Jovita C. for this real deals!


real deals

We used 4 $1/1 always any size coupon from p&g 7/7 and 2 $1/1 printable kotex natural balance on this Walmart order of 6 packages of pantiliners.

Each pack was under a dollar so the overage was used toward tax and we were paid$.01! Very excited in that this was my first time ever being paid to take anything out if Walmart! The receipt is so long because our cashier didn’t know how to scan the coupons and had to call someone over to help her.

Thanks to Rachel  for this amazing real deals!


Real Deals

At cvs today we purchased
8 clarion herbal essence on sale 2/$5 used 4 $5/2 clarion 7/7 p&g coupons,
2 Pantene shampoos on sale for 2/$7 used b1g1 from p&g 7/7 as well as a coupon machine $3/15,
4 secret deodorants on sale b1g50%off 2nd used 2 $5/2 coupons
1 Kotex by u pantiliners used $1/1 coupon
Used 8 extra bucks
Paid out of pocket $13.
Got back $10 extra bucks
and will mail in for free secret deodorant when you buy 4
So for ( $13+8eb spent – $10 Eb back) net cost of $11 for 15 items (16 if you count the free deodorant Mir offer)…OR think of it as all 15 items for less than the cost of one secret clinical plus tax!

Thanks to Rachel  for this amazing real deals!



I went to Walgreens yesterday and scored what I think is a fabulous haul and I think anyone can do it as well. Before I left, I printed out 4 (2 per computer)  crest pro health mouth wash coupon for $1.10 a piece off of one.

I filled my cart with 4 crest pro health mouth washes

Six 6 pack double rolls of Charmin Ultra

6 Puffs Tissue boxes (look for the ones that state there are coupons inside)

I did separate transactions for each of the mouthwashes (since a Register Reward of $1.25 will print out when you buy one and will only print out one per transaction) and paid $1.89 per bottle before tax, but after all 4 were done I had a total of $5 in register rewards.

I then rang up all 6 Charmin and used my $5 in register rewards which came out to about $15.00 before tax. Since I bought $20 worth of P&G products that were advertised, I got 5,000 balance reward points which equals out to be $5.00.

My last transaction was the 6 puffs which I used my balance rewards of $5.00 to pay for and paid $0.34 before tax for all 6.

All in all, I paid $25 out of pocket for all of these items. Retail value before tax for all this is $69.04. I saved WELL over half. If you have coupons from the Newspaper (which i just hadn’t purchased yet) you can use coupons for the Puffs and Charmin making it slightly cheaper. Just make sure you have a balance rewards card and have fun!

Thanks to Danielle Peters for this real deals trip!

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