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At WalMart, I purchased a package of 12 Bic Disposable sensitive skin. Razors
The. Price was $2.68. Using a $2 bic coupon (received among other coupons for having submitting another real deal thank you Madame!
Made purchase only $0.68 plus tax.

Thanks for this deal Ruthann!



I got a deal yesterday from a clearance rack at KMart. A well known brand name lingerie item regular price $15.99 was marked down to $3.99. but rang up even lower at $2.99. Cashier applied some of my “Shop your way Rewards credit to the price of $2.99 making the final cost $0.00 FREE my kind of deal. Since this deal was so good I went back again today and found another same item and repeated the deal and received another item FREE! I try to always check the clearance racks and have found some great buys there such as the above ones.

Thanks Ruthann for this deal!


Dollar General- clearance sale on all summer items (green dot) 90% off
Several items, such as these, that can be used year round.
Green water bottle $.30
Red cup $.35
$.75 plus tax, normal price 7.50


Rite Aid
Ocean Nasal Spray $5.99, raincheck $.99 (last week) – internet print $1/1 coupon = FREE
Got a raincheck for this deal too:
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom aerosol 4/$10- (2) 2/2 coupon = 4/$6 out of pocket , get 3 catalina and 2 ups= net cost of 4/$1!


Dollar Tree
Gain dryer sheets $1 each- $2/2 Gain coupon = Free, only paid tax


Walgreens 10/26 only
LIving solutions blankets (double dip sale) B1G1 and $2.50 sale= 1.25 each
Clearance hair bands $1.24
Clearance Rubber bands $1.49


image5 Family dollar 10/25/13 Deal a day – mobile coupon 28767 text “DEALS” Please note: limit 1 Daughter and friend each got one for $.85


oct21-026 Rite Aid Used Rite Aid Rolling Scenarios Did not need other items or have coupons so just went in for the moneymaker!! paid $2 56 out of pocket including tax BUT got $4 ups for next trip in the store:)) oct21-025 CVS Used CVS rolling scenarios with a few changes… I had a $5 EB to roll so I needed to start with a $5 transaction thus I did the Oral B heads first. 2nd Cranberry juice clearanced at $1.50 Oral B brush heads – $5 eb, paid $1.55, got $5 Eb 3rd scenario one CVS chews 2 Cranberry juice -$5 eb, paid $1.39, got $3 Eb SO, I USED STORE MONEY- their $5 extrabucks 3 x on sale and clearance items to get over $45 worth of product for less than $4 out of pocket!! Scenarios help ALOT! For those checking the math, I did use $2 eb so my net cost for everything in the picture was $5.95- less than the regular cost of one juice! oct21-022 Dollar Tree Ongoing deal: Buy 2 Armour products use $1/2 armour coupon = pay only $1 for 2 The Wiz Clipz coupons are better than the ones I had- I used .50/3 for a total of $2.50 for 3 This is a prime example of how Wiz Clipz and Insert Insanity have higher value coupons than those found in standard newspapers! oct21-024 Walgreens I used the Walgreens Rolling rewards scenarios though I tweeked them because I did not have the coupons for Tresemme. Also, I needed to have more Puracyn Wound care so I rolled the register rewards back and forth between the items in a total of 5 transactions. Total out of pocket was $14.99 for over $65 value in product. This is a breakdown of what I did: The tiny rectangles are “Rosell Lunchbox love notes”- a precious way to send a special card with your child or loved one! Those items were clearanced at $.69 Goody ouchless hair items were also clearanced from $3.99 to $1.99 Duracell rechargeable batteries were 50% off at $7.50


oct19-001 Rite Aid clearance finds today! South Beach Dark Chocolate Sunflower seeds reg. 6.99, cl. 3.49 – peelie .55/1= 2.98 x2 Clif bars regular 1.49, cl. .74- peelies .50= .24 x 4 (dd s ate 2 on the way home!) Colgate toothpaste as described in this post used a $5 up, got $3 up net cost of $7.22 including tax- so all of this for what ONE box of the South Beach treats would normally cost! oct19-002 Walgreens Advil 4 count on sale $1 – 1/1 coupon Cottonelle tp $4.49 – 1/1 Walgreens Oct. book and – 1/2 Cottonelle Coupon Cottonelle wipes $4.49- 1/1 Walgreens Oct. book and – (2) 1/1 Cottonelle Wipes Coupon used 10000 points ($10) and paid $2.17 out of pocket including tax! (2) 2 pack Old Spice soap B1G 1 50% off, regular price $2 each = $3- 2/2 Old Spice Coupon = $1 plus tax / 4 bars= .25 each for Old Spice soap!


image4 Family Dollar When my cashier realized I was being frugal getting the detergent she recommended I check several carts in the front of the store 75% off 4 blankets regular price $5 each pd 1.25 each Spray bottle .50 Stick it notes .25 Total $5.75 for $22 value image3 Family Dollar Bought all on sale $3.48 – mobile coupon 2.50 AND .75/1 Sunday paper coupon =.25 + tax ….only .30 total!!!! One Obie coupon per transaction FREE DETERGENT works great! $1/1 coupon has to be marked down to .98 to get free detergent!


securedownload-3 CVS Clearance items in school section. I found magnetic pencil note holder, regular 1.99 on sale for 19 cents, package of 25 pencil erasers regular price $.99 for 9cents, small stapler regular price $.99 for 9 cents! Thanks Ruthann! downy Fred’s Deal Bought 6 boxes of Downy 34 count at $2 each= $12 Used 2 $5/3 Downy coupons from P&G 9/29 insert= -10 Paid $2 + tax! Got 204 sheets for $2 (plus tax). Six boxes for the price of one!!!!


horseleadrope-018 Walgreens Crest ProHealth 3D White Rinse 16 oz. sale priced 2/$8 – (2) 1.50 Crest coupon  = 2/$5 Store promotion this week buy 2 get $4 Register reward Planters Nutrition Energy Mix 1.66 oz. priced 2/$1.98 – .50/1 catalina that printed at Walgreens last week- 2/1.48 Store promotion this week buy 2 get 1000 points Total cost 6.50, got 1000 points and $4 Register rewards so net cost $0.50 plus tax! **NOTE The manager at the store I went to noted the item in the ad (back page) is not even in his store so he allowed the sale price of 2 16 oz. to equal the sale of 1 32 oz., thus the larger container in the picture! horseleadrope-017 Walmart TWO MONEYMAKERS! Walmart’s coupon policy allows overage on coupons to go toward the cost of other items you are buying and or for you to get cash back if your overage exceeds your transaction total. The latter is sometimes tricky with cashiers who have no idea what a coupon policy is…so I normally get other items to cover the overage. Both these items have great coupons you can get and use on the regular price item at Walmart: Domino Light 40 pack box $1.92- $2/1 Domino coupon =.08 overage **This is a great donation item for churches. These packets can be used for church dinners so those preparing only make unsweetened tea and anyone wanting sweetened tea can use a packet! Rachael Ray dog food $1.88- $2.50/1 Rachael Ray Dog Food coupon =$.62 overage If Wiz Clipz is out of stock on either of these HOT coupons be sure to use the “Notify me when available option. horseleadrope-019 Chevron gas station: 1 liter Fuze tea .99- One FREE coupon (This was full, my son drank it quickly as his prize for entering coke reward codes for the family!) Walgreens: 1 box of Ritz crackers $2.50- One FREE coupon Wonder why these are grouped together? We got the FREE coupons from My Coke Rewards. We don’t even buy the coke- our neighbors save the lids and boxes for us!


october5-006 Walgreens walgreens (mail in rebate) transaction Bodywash bulb clearance priced $.24 Advil 20 count sale 3.99- 2/1 Advil Coupon Robitussin Cough or Cold relief 4 oz. (or 20 ct.) 4.99, get 1000 points- 3/1 Red Plum 9/29 $6 plus tax, get 2000 points submit for $6/3 mail in rebate in Red plum insert 8/25 october5-004 Walgreens Tresemme regular price 4.49, sale price 2/$7, buy 2 get 2000 points Vitamin C drops clearance .13 Pearl headband clearnace .19 Used (4) $2.50/1 Tresemme coupons Used a $2 register reward, paid ..32 (not including tax) got back 4000 points= net cost $0.32 october5 Freds- regular price Angel Soft 4 double roll pack $2.25- .55/1 (facebook coupon, like their page and print twice, doubles on Saturdays 1.10) = 1.15/ 8 $0.14 / regular roll STOCK UP price!! october5-001 Rite Aid Noxzema Shaving gel 1.99 raincheck, get 1.99 ups Tresemme regular price 5.79 sale price 2/$7, – (4) 2.50/1 Tresemme coupons =$5 Spend $15 , get $5 ups Revlon tool $2.45 – store silver card discount and – $2/1 in ad coupon Used $7 ups, paid tax, got 6.99 ups back Net cost, ONLY TAX! image2 At Harris Teeter grocery store I found large eggs for fifty seven cents a dozen, limit four. I bought four dozen. I used Rachel Cases breakfast egg muffins recipe for one dozen. And froze them so I can have a quick breakfast innovation time by warming in microwave. Thanks to Ruthann W. for this Harris Teeter deal


image Walgreens this week 3 crest pro health mouthwash reg. $6.29 sale 3.99 -p&g 9/29 $1.50/1 Crest Coupon Planters mix .99-.50/1 Catalina coupon Caramel .33 (filler item bc I didn’t expect the Catalina) Nice tomato soup .99 clearance priced .69 3 transactions total out of pocket $3.96 (.96 tax included) used 2 $3 register reward and got back 3 $2 register rewards! So all of this for the sale price of one mouthwash! image1 A bushel of apples for $13!! That is 48 lbs , so it comes to $.27 per pd! There is a Mennonite community that orders fruit in bulk and allows others to join their order. Be sure to check for such a source through churches and community centers for similar great real deals!


image12 Rite aid September monthly deal: Buy 1 noxzema with aloe and lanolin shave gel $1.99, get $2 up=.01 money maker! Limit 4 / month If your store is out if stock get a rain check. image13 Walmart cheap today but free at some stores. Birdseye recipe ready vegetables $1.17 at the store I went to today. Wanted for the weekend so got some but $.99 at some stores, so would be free ! I used $1/1 Birdseye coupon and paid .17 plus tax for each.


image11 Cvs 9-25 Werthers clearance priced $.65 each *2=1.30-$1/1 Internet print coupon=.30 Got2beglued 1.25 oz. 2*2.37=4.74,got 5extrabucks Mini protein bars.99*3=2.97- $1/3 coupon machine=1.97 Paid with 7extrabucks from last week and .70 tax Got back 5 extrabucks for a net cost of 2.70 including tax! 925-009 Dollar Tree 9/25 ongoing regular price Efferdent $1- 1/1 coupon only paid tax $.28 These are an excellent cleaner for toilet bowls as well as a great donation item for nursing homes. image10 Roadside stand…they sell boiled peanuts. I asked for bulk from their supplier so I can boil (and freeze my own)! $46 for 32 lbs of peanuts!


image9 Hobby lobby regularly has a 40% off regular price coupon in the newspaper BUT if you forget or don’t clip the coupon, don’t worry! Just pull up the website on your phone and show the 40% off coupon from the website to the cashier! This batting is normally priced $11.99 and was marked down to 7.19 due to the 40% coupon


momipad913-096 $.92 for every 4= $.23 each can of vegetables Albertsons today 9-21-13 (date blocked off picture because it was wrong on the camera!) Also ‘price matched’ Albertsons at Walmart. Libby’s select (peas, corn, creamed corn, green beans) vegetables regular price 1.39, sale priced .48 through Tuesday limit 6 per transaction (I didn’t know if it was per day, person, transaction, household. Cashier told me and suggested I go back for more!!) Deal: 4 * .48= $1.92 – $1/4 Libby’s coupon = $.92 for four Definitely stock up price for us! momipad913-103 Walgreens today- only paid $.38 plus tax for all 4! Colgate sensitive whitening toothpaste regular price $4.79, sale B1G1 3.19 each 4 * sale price B1G1 3.19 = $6.48 – 3/3 coupon from Walgreens September (only took off 2 since only paid for 2!) -(4) 1/1 Colgate coupon $.38 plus tax


Cvs today: extrabucks deals good this week. I wanted to roll a $12 extrabuck. My plan was to get sundown gummies, rescue gum, 2 Colgate total rinse and the soda. The rinse and rescue gum were out of stock. This is what I ended up with: Sundown natural gummies $7 – $2/1 coupon= $5, get 4 extrabucks 4 travel Colgate $3.19, get 3 extrabucks Twizzlers .75 clearanced Greeting card for my husband 2.99 Coke 1.74- my coke rewards free coke coupon only deducted 1.29 (busy with kids , didn’t notice)= .45 Root beer .99- .30 coupon machine = .69 Used my 12 extrabucks, paid 2.24 with tax Got 7 extrabucks net cost $7.74 including tax All for the sale price of the vitamins!


Walgreens Transaction 1 $12.49 regular price-SALE 7.99-$2 sept. Walgreens book -$3/1 coupon=$2. 99 plus tax out of pocket , $3 Catalina = free Glade Transaction 2 (these items could be done together I just spotted the clearance after the glad purchase! Smuckers$2.89 regular price suckers clearanced at 1.79 – (2) 1/1 Internet print coupons =$1.58 plus tax- 2 for less than the clearanced price of one! Walmart today paid $1.88 plus tax, saved $17 using coupons! 3 full size Gillette sensitive skin shaving cream $1.98 each – $6/3 coupon = +..06 6 Mt. Olive dill relish $1.08 each -$1 coupon =-.48 2 Domino light 40 packet box $1.96 each – Domino $2/1 coupon =+.16 4 Ketchup $.60 each – .25 coupon =-1.40 $1.66 plus tax You can do this too! Get your coupons here


image5 Dollar general today everything except the milk on clearance – $2.88 tax included seeds and art kit .01 each Tub mat .67 Disposable gloves .15 Paper plates .22 Notepad .30 Cepacal .82 Milk regular price 2.95 *2 needed these and this is the least expensive local place! with milk and tax included $8.88…the cost of the tub mat and art kit regular price $14 savings! Real Deals from Rachel!


image4 Krispy Kreme has great pirate and football decorated doughnuts! When we got our order tonight we also had a survey code on our receipt. After completing the online survey we were able to get a code for the receipt to become a buy one get one free dozen glazed original coupon. A dozen glazed originals are normally priced 7.58! $7.58 for answering just a few questions= a great deal! momipad913-070 Most tourists or vacationers head to the souvenir shops BUT you should remember to check the discount chain stores. We found shirts and salt water taffy at Maxway. The shirts were only $4 each (the same as the “clearance” priced items at the souvenir shops) and the salt water taffy was $1.50 a box. Real Deals tip by Rachel!

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  1. Karen Moscrip says

    Great deals, but 1 question. How did you get all of those Sparkle coupons? Looks like about 30 rolls. Even when I use my 3 different computers I normally can only print 2 of each coupon.

  2. alison says

    The overage at walmart doesn’t work on self checkouts as it reads the coupon and then reads the price you paid irrelevant if you purchased further items to cover the overage.

  3. amanda says

    How were you able to use the FD mobile coupon on multiple bottles of ALL? The mobile coupon I received said 1 per person, per day..

  4. Rebecca Parsons says

    I always look for great deals but not always so lucky as you to find them. I did however pick up at CVS the other day free pain killer with a coupon. I bought two 2 Liter’s of Z-up and a 24 ct of CVS pain reliever and paid a total of $1.07


    you always are up to date on everything and have saved us so much money,thank you for all the time you put into helping others.

  6. Lynn Brooks says

    I totally agree about getting souvenirs at chain stores. One example is if going to Disney World. If you go to he Walmart there you will find basically the same souvenirs but at a much lower price. Also we go to Myrtle Beach SC and get great deals at Walmart there

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