Real Deals: Walmart Trip 8/29/12

Check out Jessica’s amazing Walmart deals!

Walmart trip 8/29/12

6 boxes velveeta shells and cheese reg price 1.98 ea, PM’d family dollar price @ 2/$3 – $1 printable Q =.50 / box
6 poligrip 1.78 ea – FREE Q’s = FREE
4 stayfree pads 24 ct. Reg price 2.89 ea, PM’d CVS price @ $2 – $2 Q=FREE
6 miracle whip dressing reg price 3.88 ea, PM’d foodland price @ 2/$5 – $1 printable Q = $1.50 each
2 Jif peanut butter reg price $2.98 ea PM’d foodland @ 1.98 each
total = 63.72
total after Pm’s =46.64
total after Coupons=15.96! savings of $47.76 :) just goes to show how using multiple money saving strategies together really add up! price matching saved me an extra $17.08 on top of using my coupons!

Second Walmart trip breakdown 8/29/12

disney tinkerbell neclace $4.50 on clearance for $1
nickelodeon victorious neclace $4.50 on clearance for $1
nickelodeon victorious bracelet $4 on clearance for $1
faded glory 9 pc. neclace, bracelet, & ring set $4 on clearance for $1
2 faded glory cotton tights $3.97 ea on clearance for $1
1 pait faded glory footless tights $4.97 on clearance for $1
3 fuzzy picture frames $2 on clearaance for $1
total was $35.91 i paid only $9.00…these will all go in my gift tote to add into birthday/christmas presents or for stocking stuffers ;)

Thanks to Jessica R. for this real deals trip!

Let’s all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip deals that you want to share please email it to me with photos please at [email protected] and you can win 100 Cut Coupons!

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