Real Deals: Walgreens Haul

Real Deals

Real Deals


I went to Walgreens yesterday and scored what I think is a fabulous haul and I think anyone can do it as well. Before I left, I printed out 4 (2 per computer)  crest pro health mouth wash coupon for $1.10 a piece off of one.

I filled my cart with 4 crest pro health mouth washes
Six 6 pack double rolls of Charmin Ultra
6 Puffs Tissue boxes (look for the ones that state there are coupons inside)

I did separate transactions for each of the mouthwashes (since a Register Reward of $1.25 will print out when you buy one and will only print out one per transaction) and paid $1.89 per bottle before tax, but after all 4 were done I had a total of $5 in register rewards.

I then rang up all 6 Charmin and used my $5 in register rewards which came out to about $15.00 before tax. Since I bought $20 worth of P&G products that were advertised, I got 5,000 balance reward points which equals out to be $5.00.

My last transaction was the 6 puffs which I used my balance rewards of $5.00 to pay for and paid $0.34 before tax for all 6.

All in all, I paid $25 out of pocket for all of these items. Retail value before tax for all this is $69.04. I saved WELL over half. If you have coupons from the Newspaper (which i just hadn’t purchased yet) you can use coupons for the Puffs and Charmin making it slightly cheaper. Just make sure you have a balance rewards card and have fun!

Thanks to Danielle Peters for this real deals trip!

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