Real Deals: Walgreens Deals 9/4/12

Check out Gwendolyn’s Real Shopping Deals!

This was done in multiple orders. I did find out from Walgreens today that if you use RR from a product on that same product in another order then you will not get RR for the 2nd product. This did take some re-figuring from what I had originally done but the store manager was great and helped.

I bought 10-Mitchum Advanced Control, 2- Lady Mitchum, 3- Herbal Essence Shamppo, 3-Herbal Essence Conditioner, 12 pack of Cottonelle, 2-24 pack of water, 2 Hormel Compleats, Walgreens Medicated Vaporizing Rub and Walgreens cough Medicine for children.

Total before sales, coupons and RR was $107.00

TOP was $42.14 with $12.00 in RR to use on my next trip. Total Saved 71.5%.

Thanks to Gwendolyn for this real deals trip!

Let’s all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip deals that you want to share please email it to me with photos please at [email protected] and you can win 100 Cut Coupons!

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