Real Deals: Rite Aid Shopping Trip

rite aid

Here’s this week’s awesome shopping trip at Rite Aid! (MM = Money Makers!)

(1) Bounty Basic 8-roll – $6 – $1Q = $5
(1) Blistex – $1.49 – $1.49 UP = FREE
(1) St. Joseph Aspirin – $4.99 – $4UP – $1Q = 1¢ MM!
(1) Saline Soothers wipes – $1 – $1 SCR – 50¢Q = 50¢ MM!
(1) Organix cough drops – $1.50 – $1.50 UP = FREE
(1) Sinus Buster – $8 – $8 UP – $2 Q = $2 MM!
(1) Omeprazole 42ct – $19.99 – $5 Q = $14.99
(1) Duract Cough drops – $6 – $6 UP = FREE

Total before Q’s and UPS = $48.97
Redeemed $4.50 in Q’s and $37.98 in UPS from last week
$1.59 – total paid out of pocket
Plus I received back $20.99 in UPS for next week – so they paid me $19.40 to take all this home!

Thanks Bargain Hound for this shopping trip!

You too can make your own awesome shopping deals. Check out my Store Deals page, use my Coupon Database and make sure to keep checking for Hot Coupons.

If you have an amazing shopping trip that you want to share with us send it to [email protected] and we will post it, let’s help one another learn how to save.

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  1. says

    Thi is an amazing deal… Could use the Bounty!!!! Haven’t shopped Ride Aid, but will try this to build $’s for next purchase. thanks for sharing..
    Debi Booth

  2. Brandi Kendall says

    i wish we had a rite aid nearby. everyone seems to get really great deals there. the up rewards (?) confuse me, though…

  3. Aimee Erickson Jennings says

    Rite Aide has amazing deals ! Just started shopping there again recently.Got a wonderful lunchbox there for my daughter for $1.25 :-)

  4. fanny Bonita says

    I love this deal.I love bounty paper towel. they are the best. I need to learn more about how to save like this. :D

  5. says

    This Deal package is the one that peaked my interest the most. Not only because it has awesome deals but, because right now I am fightting an upper respiatory infection. I love the cool weather, it just doesn’t like me. Being sick just gives me more time to find wonderful deals like yours. : )

  6. Pamela Carroll Neese says

    Seeing actual results like these inspire to be more conscientious about making sure I’m getting the BEST deal possible!! With a daughter in college,every penny counts! Thanks for showing real results and also for giving great tips!!:)

  7. Melissa Doyle says

    I have posted about my own awesome deals that I’ve gotten from riteaid, often with the help of blogs like yours. I have ppl asking me to do their shopping for them lol. I try to pass on what I learn to help others. Thanks for all you do to help so many! :)

  8. Chesna Ellis says

    Is Rite Aid like CVS and Walgreens? We don’t have those here, but it looks like a great place to save some money!

  9. Sandy Brower says

    I love the way you shop. I am learning from you, thanks! Made my first money making Rite Aid Trip last week. Of course, I have to wait for my SCRs, but I am excited. I have UPS to shop this week, so Black Friday here I come!!

  10. Nicole Carter says

  11. Sandy Brower says

    Black Friday shopping at Rite Aid was insane. Less than $25 OOP and I came home with over $300 in Food, Gifts and Gifts wrap/decorations. And came home with a $50 Home Depot Gift Card. And Still have $10 in UPS to spend on my next trip!! Woo Hoo!!

  12. Jessica O'Shell says

    This is awesome!! – I haven’t gotten into using UPS and RR and stuff like that just yet . . . but I see all kind of awesome deals with them!! – Perhaps that’s something to look into while I’m on bed rest! =) lol

  13. Joey says

    I love all of the deals that you share on your blog. Even though we may not shop at the same stores I still like seeing that there are different ways to match up my coupons!

  14. pamela collins jester says

    Good job, I love to save money. I am confused, I use to get your emails all the time and wondered how come they stopped and when i entered this contest it showed me not subscribed, did it kick me out? Have a great afternoon.

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