Real Deals: Publix Shopping Trip


Publix shopping trip. Oop .26 woohoo!
– Thanks Mary!

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  1. Lillea says

    One thing that always strikes me is that there are far more amazing deals in the US than in Canada. Granted, we pay almost nothing for health care, so we save there, but still I would love more deals!

  2. says

    My husband works at Publix and we absolutely love to shop there and he enjoys his job. There’s not a day goes by we don’t save $5 or MORE. Once we saved almost $30 on baby items alone!

  3. Rachel Runyan says

    Great Job! I’m still learning about couponing and saving little bits here and there, but this is an awesome save!

  4. alexandra day says

    How did you get the watermelon so cheap? Was it overage? Love publix but usally don’t know how to make produce cheaper unless with overage.

  5. Mona Balsara says

    I try and try, but don’t manage to swing these kind of deals. I am happy anyway just trying to save some money here and there. Very impressed with your savings and good for you.

  6. Amanda Alvarado says

    That is awesome! We don’t have them down here. We have 2 grocery stores to choose from HEB and Walmart! Neither double coupons. :-(

  7. jennifer Smith says

    now this is a store that I miss shopping at.. Living in Oklahoma we dont have a puplix. kinda makes me sad!!!!

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