Real Deals: Publix Saved 89%

I saved 89% on my shopping trip to Publix today – if my math is right :)

I spent $12.74, saved $104.88! It literally would’ve been pennies but I had to buy Zantac for my husband which was $8, ice cream which was $3.50 each, and root beer for $1.50 (both for his sore throat apparently lol).

4 boxes rice krispies, one root beer, two pints of coffee creamer, zantac, 2 Ziploc bags, two Edys ice creams, bananas, 2 Gold Peak teas, a pound of cheese, 3 Voskos yogurts, Triaminic, 2 Snackwells bars, a gallon of milk, 2 Milkbites, 6 Crystal Light mixes, two 12oz m&Ms, two freshtakes, and two $1 donations to March of Dimes. :)

Thanks to Amanda LongĀ for this real deals trip!

Let’s all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip deals that you want to share please email it to me with photos please at [email protected]!

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  1. carolynn ferraro-king says

    I love Publix.. I always save alot there.. You did a great job saving there.. Congrats!

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