Real Deals: Kroger Shopping Trip

I went to Kroger yesterday and got $1,019.86 worth of groceries for only $343.27!!!!!!

Some of the perks were Stove Top Stuffing for FREE! Deodorant for .79 cents a piece and others for .07 cents a piece. Velveta Shells and Cheese for .50 cents a box. Free Toothbrushes with coupon and also printed a surprise Catalina! Hot Dogs for .07 cents a pack. Chips for FREE! Knudsen Juice for FREE! V-* Juice Fusion for $1.00 a bottle! And more! On top of all that we got $1.40 off a gallon of gas at their gas station!!!!!

We had so many groceries that my sister in law was loading the last bit of groceries through my car window. I own a Dodge Journey and that wasn’t even big enough. Lol My sister in law and I go together once a month and split the gas because we live 2 1/2 hrs away and so our tips are we get all our coupons organized , then scope the ad for the deals and walk up and down every aisle to make sure we get all the good deals!!!

The Kroger we go to doubles all coupons up to a $1.00 so when you have a $1.00 coupon it will double to $2.00!!!!!!

Thanks to Heather for this real deals trip!

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