Real Deals: Kroger Shopping Trip


First I got 20 items that were participating items that were part of the Mega Event. When you buy 10 you get $ 5 off your order.
15 Bottles of Smart Water .75 each when you buy 10 items used (15) .75 off coupons =FREE
3 Yoplait Delights $1.99 when you buy 10 items used (3) .50 off coupons which tripled to $1.50 off = .49 each
2 Yoplait Yogurt 4 packs $1.99 when you buy 10 items used (2) .50 off coupons which tripled to $1.50 off = .49 each
2 Land O Lakes $2.39 each used (2) .50 off coupons tripled to $1.50 off = .89 each
2 Dawn Dish Soap $1.49 each used (2) .50 off coupons tripled to $1.49 off = FREE
2 Ajax Dish Soap .99 each used (2) .50 off coupons doubled to .99 off = FREE
35 Gerber Baby Foods on Clearance for .19 each regularly 46 each (A Great deal, these are for my cousin)
So today I spent $9.72 and saved $44.06 not including the clearanced items.

Thanks jess f!

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You too can make your own awesome shopping deals. Check out my Store Deals page, use my Coupon Database and make sure to keep checking for Hot Coupons.

If you have an amazing shopping trip that you want to share with us send it to [email protected] and we will post it, let’s help one another learn how to save.


  1. Jessica Ward says

    awesome deals! I am just starting this couponing stuff so this is really helpful to see it all laid out like this – and it is encouraging! :)

  2. andrea dimario says

    Thats awesome. I wish we had one of these stores around me but unfortunately we dont/ I love your page and seeing the deals you scored at such awesome prices.

  3. Tamra Augostino says

    Great job on the freebies. You’ll be really smarter, well smarter than you already are, when you finish drinking all of that smart water. :)

  4. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Amazing shopping trip! I wish I had a Krogers near me in upstate NY because our grocery stores don’t get many awesome sales.

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    Awesome! I wish we had a Krogers! All we have is HEB and Walmart! Not much of a selection for shopping around and horrible for using coupons since neither store ever doubles!

  6. Veronica says

    Oh how I wish we had a Kroger here! I <3'd Kroger/coupon shopping back home.

    Stopping by from the Apple giveaway train.

  7. Sheli Smith says

    Awesome shopping trip! I’m so upset at Kroger for no longer doubling or tripling coupons here in the DFW area. I used to be able to save so much money. :(

  8. Olivia Merifield says

    That’s awesome! Our only Kroger is about 45 minutes away, but maybe it’s worth it to drive out there for this event!

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