Real Deals: Harris Teeter Shopping Trip

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  1. Kara says

    I just had my first shopping trip to Harris Teeter last week! I definitely felt out of my element because I don’t usually shop there, but they did have some super deals and I like the fact they have “senior Thursdays” (don’t know if that is just in my area or not) and that they sometimes double…even triple coupons!

  2. Melissa Herrera-Spaulding says

    Unfortunately the last time I went to Harris Teeter during their coupon specials week, almost everything I had a coupon for was gone :(

  3. Nicole Carter says

  4. Brandi Kendall says

    i don’t have a harris teeter, but this deal looks awesome! a couple of weeks ago, i got a great deal on that same milk using a sale + coupons. i got 2 half gallons for $0.59 each!

  5. Dianna thomas says

    you make it look so easy– I live 12 miles in the country from the closets store– so I understand you have to have everything ready when you get to the stores.

  6. says

    That’s a nice shopping trip with great savings. I don’t have a Harris Teeter Store in my area. Congrats on your couponing talent. My largest savings was around $45.00 last week but had all free product coupons. I would love to be able to do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I’m coming along slowly but surely. Congrats

  7. says

    I read so many articles here on Madame Deals and in every day life, about individuals who can save SO MUCH money shopping using certain stores, coupons, and other saving sources! I so wish I could spend a month or two with them and learn just how they can actually do it! I cannot wrap my mind around how they do it, they are to be commended! Thank You for sharing! As in recent post on Coupon 101, that is my New Years Resolution…to learn all I can about how to utilize Coupons and all the saving resources possible and save my family tons of money in the 2012!

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