Real CVS Deals Trip 11/4/12

I went to CVS yesterday I got

3 packages of pampers baby diapers 8.99 each =26.97,
3 bottles of down .99 each = 2.97 ,
1 box of L’oreal nice n easy hair color 8.99,
2 bottles of aveeno shampú 8.99 each = 17.98,
2 bottles of aveeno conditioner 8.99 each = 17.98
2 small bottles of children’s Advil 2.57 each =5.14
Total = 80.03 without tax

Manufactures CouponsE
3-$2.00 off in pampers diapers
3-$0.75 off in dawn
2-$3.00 off in two aveeno
1-$8.99 off in loreal hair color
2-$2.00 off in childrens’s advil
Total = $27.24

CVS Coupons
1-$2.00 off in pampers
1-$5.00 off on $15.00 any baby items
1-$10.00 off on $50.00
Total = 17.00

I used my cvs x bucks

I got back
$15.00 x bucks from buy 4 aveeno products
$10.00 x bucks from PGA products spent $30 get back $10
$10.00 off in 50.00

Was a excellent trip ,and learning how to stack coupons :)

Thanks to Karol for this real deals trip!

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  1. Esther Anders says

    Wow! Can’t wait til I can do that! I’m just getting started, now this is an idea on how to do it, but I’ll have to do mine at Rite Aid, can’t seem to get to CVS. Right Aid has some awesome deals too! Like this next week, can’t wait to really put my skills to the test!

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