Rattlesnake Rules: A Book Review


Madame Deals had the pleasure of reviewing Rattlesnake Rules by Conrad J. Storad. My son Mason loves creepy crawly creatures and he has a natural fascination with snakes. Just a couple of weeks ago he was able to hold his first garden snake at grandpa’s house! Although I am glad that Mason is at ease with nature, I want him to be aware that not all creatures are safe.

Rattlesnake Rules is a wonderful children’s book describing the rules that rattlesnakes live by. It explains what they eat, how they teach their young and how they warn people of their presence. Rattlesnakes Rules teaches children what life as a snake would be like. I love how the mama snake teaches the baby snakes rules. Children will learn that they are not the only ones with rules, even snakes have rules too!

Yes, Mason has a slight obsession with gloves right now!

Yes, Mason has a slight obsession with gloves right now!

Towards the end of the book, their are rattlesnake facts listed, word definitions and a curriculum guide. Although my son is too young to follow the curriculum, I really like how this book can grow with your child. Th illustrations are fun and simple for young kids. The lesson in the book can be adjusted for several age groups. Rattlesnake Rules is a neat book to add to your holiday gift list if you know a child who enjoys nature. This book would also make an excellent addition to a homeschool curriculum.

One thing I suggest with all hardback books that come with a dust-jacket; take the dust-jacket off before you give it to the kids to read! I keep all of the dust-jackets safe on a shelf for when the kids are old enough to read without ruining it, intentional or not!

If you would like to order Rattlesnake Rules, the Five Star Publications is offering it at $12.88. Amazon has Rattlesnake Rules listed at $13.22 with free super saver shipping if your order is over $25.

To learn more about the author and his tour dates, go here.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided at no charge by: Five Star Publications for this review.

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