Ralph Lauren Hires first plus size model

Ralph Lauren Hires first plus size model

plus size model


Ralph Lauren has come a long way in their acceptance of women of all shapes and sizes. I remember them causing a huge media riot over using Photoshop to make a woman look smaller, and then firing another for being to fat! Now, Ralph Lauren hires first plus size model! Her name is Robyn Lawley, a size 12 Australian model that loves food, and more importantly, loves herself!

The 23 year old has been called a groundbreaker for appearing on the covers of French Elle and Vogue Italia. She shot her first ad for Ralph Lauren in March, and is scheduled for another shoot this month. “I think it’s amazing to see a plus-size model,” she says. “And it’s helping women to start accepting their bodies—to see a curvy girl embracing it rather than trying to hide it.”

Robyn also has something I never thought I would see a model have, her own food blog, Robyn Lawley Eats. The blog features such taboos like cake, cookies, pasta, and more! And everything looks super delicious I might add.

It seems that a lot of people might not even consider Robyn as “plus size” considering she is a size 12 at 6’2. But the fact is, in the modeling world, that is exactly what she is, plus size. In the real world, she would most likely be considered thin, and not plus sized at all, and I would have to agree, but I still think this is a big step in the right direction! Being a size 0 does not always equal being healthy! I think if the rest of the fashion industry follows suit by hiring women of all shapes and sizes, the morale of woman all across the US will go up. If we can stop focusing on our weight, and focus more on being healthy in general, all of us will be better for it.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think what Ralph Lauren did was a good/bad thing? Does it make a difference? Let me know in the comments below!


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