RadioShack Kindle Fire Giveaway

Inspired by my $100 Story, I decided that this year Madame Deals’ mission is to unite people through good deeds and giveaways.

This week our friends from RadioShack is offering an amazing giveaway. This is your chance to Win a Kindle Fire for yourself and to pay it forward a $30 Gift Card that you can give to a friend!

Do you hoard techs & gadgets? Maybe you have tech clutter that you want to get rid off. Or maybe you want to upgrade to new ones. Here is the perfect opportunity, check out RadioShack’s hassle-free Trade & Save Program. With this program, it lets you trade in pre-owned technology — everything from mobile phones to cameras to video game consoles and exchange it to in-store credits that you can use to purchase any thing at a RadioShack store. It’s not a buyback program. Trade & Save accepts eligible electronics trade-ins no matter where they were purchased, there’s no cost to you and no receipt is required.

I am actually very excited of this program because as a gadget lover I have several ones lying around in the house that I don’t use any more and with RadioShack Trade & Save, I can finally get rid of those gadgets and at the same time be able to get new ones that I like maybe a new phone or even the new iPad. It’s very simple, you can easily appraise any device you have online through their website or using the app or go to any RadioShack location. You can trade in refurbished or recycled devices sucha s laptop, mobile phones, game consoles, video games, tablets, gps, hdtv, car audio, camcorders, digital cameras and more. To learn more about Trade & Save or appraise your device, go to

Plus take advantage of their ongoing promo, now through April 28, America’s Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack guarantees at least $30 and as much as $300 in immediate store credit when you trade in a working mobile phone through this special promotion. Additional specials will appear in weekly circulars available online each Sunday during the promotion. Additionally, just after the second week of America’s Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack, consumers have traded-in more than $2MM in used electronics.

Check out how RadioShack works by watching the videos below:

Ready to join the Kindle Fire and $30 GC Giveaway?

Enter below!

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  1. Zofia W says

    $410.00 was her trade in value. I think the program is GREAT!! Going to look into it, I have a couple droids I’d like to get rid of!!

    • Carol Sadler says

      Can’t get to let me leave a comment, so I’ll reply! She hat $410 worth of trade-ins and I need to trade some of our stuff in so I can pay someone to teach me how to play your games! lol I’m only moderately competent on here and you are sure reminding me! I tried everything I could figure out to try to follow Mama loves Her Bargains on Pinterest and never could get it!

  2. Shannon says

    What did you do this week to Pay It Forward? I go above and beyond at my work to help people get well.

    What are your future Pay It Forward plans to help others? Just to continue helping others the best way I know how.

  3. Samella McCullough says

    $410. It sounds like a great program… we have so many gadgets around that wwe don’t use anymore.

  4. Patricia says

    RadioShack’s trade-in program sounds like a good idea. Only drawback is one cannot receive cash to use anywhere. Dollars must be usd at RadioShack. Daria’s trades brought her $410 to use shopping at RadioShack.

  5. Malyssa says

    Trade in value was $410. As for the program, it’s definitely something to consider whenever I’m ready to upgrade. =]

  6. Becca S. says

    $410. I think this is an awesome program! I’m going to have to do some searching for some items I can trade in!

  7. Brandi Price says

    $410 and I think it is a great idea. Instead of giving things away or tossing them you can get money to put towards new stuff!

  8. Maggie Mason says

    $410 was teh trade in value, I think this is a neat program and I had not heard of it before. Thank you,

  9. tamar says

    (I can’t find my comment.)
    I like the concept. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I could see this being useful. 🙂

  10. Diana Camden says

    Pay it forward:

    I would love to go back to volunteering my professional counseling or helping Spanish speaking individuals again. In my area, there are not many people who have this skill. I want to be at a place where I can continue to do that again; if felt rewarding to help.

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to do that again.
    Diana C

  11. Tami says

    Trade-in value $410.00! What a great program – I’m certain my husband would be one who’d benefit from this – going to make sure he knows about it. I know this is the first I’d heard of it! THANKS! 🙂

  12. Cortney Van Weerdhuizen says

    Trade in value was $410.00 and I think that this is a great program! Way to get money to put towards the newer version of an item

  13. Sheree Warner says

    $410.00 and I think the Radio Shack Trade and Save Program is very cool! I don’t have that much stuff to trade but what I do have would be worth trading and saving for something better!!

  14. Barbara Compton Kesterson says

    Wow $410.00 trade in value. Awesome this program will get old stuff out of the landfills and where they can be recycled.

  15. Denise Holben Collier says

    Daria traded in electronics for an amount of $410. The program is an awesome incentive to get people in the store and to get rid of electronics that are just lying around. I have given several cell phones to the local police department that uses them for battered women.

  16. Lorie McGuire says

    Now that I am hopefully commenting in the correct place- The total value was $410. It would be a nice program if you had gadgets to get rid of. I have one phone and will keep it until it wears out.

  17. Bev Elliott says

    Her trade in value was $410. It’s a great program to get rid of things that you don’t use anymore . It’s a good way to be able to up-grade to newer things.

  18. Lynda H. says

    Daria’s trade in was worth $410. I’m going to have to go through what I have to see what I can get. We have a lot of old phones laying around. What a great program.

  19. Lisa Brooks says

    It was worth $410, The trade & Save is awesome. Instead of having the stuff taking up space at home, you can trade it in and do more shopping. =)

  20. Leslie Galloway says

    $410 — It’s a pretty cool idea, and I also love that you can just enter your info into an app. You don’t have to actually go into the Radio Shack store to get the estimate. Makes me more likely to try it.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  21. rayanne z says

    I’d like to volunteer to help paint the inside of our church; after helping clean it, we noticed how badly it needs to be painted.

  22. Monica Scearce says

    I love this idea!!! We don’t have a whole lot of old tech stuff but I just wonder if they would let me save up the credit. I’ll have to check into it.

  23. Myra Rzepa says

    the trade in was $410. what a great program im sure i have a few things i can tade in also! i wouldnt have known about it if it wasnt for the post thanks!:)

  24. jenn says

    I am helping out a young mother with her baby providing free babysitting hours so she can finish school

  25. pam says

    great program considering that 6 months after you buy something a newer better model is out and your’s becomes obsolete.

  26. Emily L says

    $410. I will have to look into this, it sound like a good way to recycle electronics and get a really good deal.

  27. Michelle H. says

    To pay it forward, I cleaned out my winter wardrobe and donated it to the local women’s shelter.

    In the future; I plan to donate my time this summer to our animal shelter…my daughter and I are going to be dog walkers.

  28. Helen L says

    Trade-in was $410. Sounds like a neat program, I can’t wait to get rid of some old stuff.

  29. Melody Spence says

    $410 total value, I think the program is wonderful. My son has used it and it’s great.

  30. Seyma Shabbir says

    Daria’s trade in was $410. Great program, I will see what I have at home to trade in.Prob bug my parents also!

  31. Lauren B says

    I do little things to pay it forward- sometimes just smiling at a stranger, holding the elevator/door for someone or letting in cars in traffic is enough to put positive energy out into the universe.

  32. Lauren B says

    her total trade in value was $410. I think it’s a good idea especially for people who like to have the most up to date phones, computers, etc.

  33. Heather Y. says

    The value of the trade-in was $410. I have some gadgets I don’t use anymore and it would be great to trade them in for some I do want to use.

  34. N E Bryant (Solventsisters Savers) says

    Daria’s total trade in value was $410. The program sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to see what items I have in the house that might qualify.

  35. Lisa Hollis says

    Trade in was $410.00 and I think its a good idea if you’re being given fair market value.

  36. Jeimy Calvo says

    I helped my sister by recommending her for a job and I help my grandma out every day =)

  37. says

    She got a $410 Radio shack gift card , it sounds like a great idea so people can stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology without going over their budget

  38. Shari says

    Trade in was worth $410. The program seems like a good one especially for those who like the latest products, unfortunately I don’t have any products to trade any.

  39. Jayna M says

    Her stuff was worth $410.
    I think it’s cool that you can trade in gadgets no matter where you bought them, and it would be a nice discount if you are already looking for an upgrade to trade in your old device.
    I tend to keep my devices for a long time, though – and they’re not worth much for trade in now! I looked up my phone and it’s worth up to $3…

  40. Vickie says

    Yep, total is $410! Wow, that is a lot of trade in dollars. Totally diggin Radio Shack’s new program and will be using it soon. How can you go wrong with going green by recyclying, which we are really into now, and I get something too. Win Win! Thanks for the op to win and thank you Radio Shack for this awesome program.

  41. Vickie says

    This week I payed it forward by adopting a 83 year old gentlemans 4 year old cat and his birdy. He is not going to live much longer and had no one to give his beloved pets/children too. This is the least I can do for a man who not only was a career war vet in both Korea and Viet Nam but clearly was distressed about his pets. He now feels relieved and happy and I got two loving pets and did something special for the dear man.

  42. Vickie says

    Further will be to continue as I am…helping out lots of folks in my community with food or what ever they need. A ride to the hospital, dr, test, meds, a meal, to talk or help with pets. Whatever is needed. I also leave coupons in stores all the time. Or hand out in stores to people about to purchase something I know I have extra qs for.

  43. Elle says

    Trade in value was $410. Sounds like a cool program. I definitely have a few gadgets that I could trade in.

  44. Jessica Sheffield says

    $410!! Not bad… I don’t think I have anything to trade in but I’ll have to double check 🙂

  45. Marsha Hembrick says

    Her items were worth $410. I think it is a great program, especially for those that upgrade their electronics regularly.

  46. Susan O says

    It was all worth $410. That’s fantastic! I’m sure many of us have things like that we’d like to trade in for an upgrade.

  47. Missy L says

    The value was $410. I think their program is awesome. It’s better than simply recycling the items- you actually get something to use towards a better item!

  48. Constance Z says

    Pay it forward?! Donated to the Autism Society. Future plans?! Volunteer at the Special Olympics!!! (My daughter has Autism, so it is a charity/program near and dear to my heart!!!!!)

  49. Sacha Schroeder says

    $410. Nice program. But in my experience it seems radio shack is higher priced than other retailers but this would give me a huge reason to go there!

  50. says

    Her trade in value is $410. Program is similar to others I’ve seen. If you have old devices that are worth something, never hurts to trade in. Thanks for giveaway!

  51. Sara B. says

    her trade-in value was $410! Good deal, I’ve seen many places starting this program and it’s caught my attention. I have yet to do it though.

  52. Toni says

    $410. I think that it’s a great program for those who can afford to regularly upgrade their gadgets or to reduce tech clutter, but not so great for someone like me who uses electronics until the day they die.

  53. Stephanie Huff says

    What did you do this week to Pay It Forward? I helped others in their challenges online

    What are your future Pay It Forward plans to help others? to keep giving away free stuff I signup for to schools, to give away free product coupons I get to those who need them more than me. To keep helping others.

  54. Brittany C says

    Daria received a total of $410 for her trade ins! The program sounds like it will save people a lot of money! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Lisa Hackney says

    Her total trade in value was $410. I think this is an interesting program and will research it further.

  56. sandy weinstein says

    great idea, sounds better than best buy, 410 saved. i have a few cell phones, etc. to trade in.

  57. Glen says

    $410 trade-in value. I think it’s a brilliant idea for Radio Shack to do. Being a customer for most of my life on various electronic items from them, I’d be happy to check out the program to see what I can get in trade-in value.

  58. Lynette Johnson says

    To pay it forward I watched my friends little 6 mo old while her big sister had T-ball so she didn’t have to sit out in the sun.

  59. Melanie Morin says

    $410 value. I like that we can recycle our old tech gadgets and get a gift card to buy new ones.

  60. jill nelson says

    I don’t have much but when I cook things like soup or a holiday meal I always try to share it with my elderly neighbor. She loves my cooking and it makes me feel good to share with her.

  61. says

    Daria had $410 credit to use. This video is all about recylcling your old electronics and obtaining newer models with store credit. I think this idea is fabulous and it helps our planet too.

  62. Sherrie M. says

    I made some things for a friend (I sew) and didn’t charge her for them 🙂 I will continue to do more of the same and offer free for shipping items.

  63. Sherrie M. says

    I made some things for a friend (I sew) and didn’t charge her for them 🙂 I will continue to do more of the same and offer free for shipping items.

  64. Bridget Williams says

    This week i helped my neighbor weed her flower beds ( she is an older lady) and i will continue to help her as well, i also leave coupons on products inthe store if i am not going to use them so that i can pay it forward all the time

  65. Penny Fiedler says

    the total was $410.00. I love the idea of exchanging all my old gadgets for new ones. Times are changing fast and since I love my gadgets I love to get new things when I can.

  66. Ashley says

    She traded in $410 worth of items. I like the idea behind their program, it keeps electronics out of the landfill.

  67. Jenafer Barker says

    Daria’s trade-in was a total of $410. If my gadgets weren’t ancient it would be a good program to use.

  68. mary woollard says

    i was given something awesome from a complete stranger, for my daughter! from the kindness of their heart! they wanted nothing in return except for us to pay it forward, so thats what we did. we cleaned out her closet, donating new, barely used clothing, games and stuffed animals. its nice to be able to help others when we can. thanks

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