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Rachel vs Guy Season 3

rachel vs guy

We have made it a family tradition to pick a show or two each season that we watch together. We try to pick something that will get us talking and inspire us to do something. 2 seasons back we got hooked on Rachel vs Guy and now we wait and watch for when the new season will start. So imagine my delight when I seen that Season 3 was starting on the 8th and that is was featuring my favorite topic “Kids Cooking”.

As most of our regular readers are aware we have a Recipe Kids Can Make Series that we cook and test out with our own children.  When I started doing these recipes, I would tell my kids what they needed to do but now they tell me what I need to do. Cooking with kids not only increases their interest in food but it helps develop so many other skills. Cooking is  actually part of my homeschool curriculum for my daughter this year.

This season of Rachel vs Guy will be the Must Watch Show in our House and I am sure we will have picked our favorites before the end of the first episode.  

8 talented kids will be mentored by Rachel and Guy and compete to see who is the last one standing. They will cook thru 4 rounds and the winner will receive their own Web series. This is bound to be a great season because I believe many more children will be drawn towards cooking when they see kids their own age on television doing something fun. Kids have this idea that you have to act, sing, dance or do outrageous things to be on television but now they can see first hand that hard work and skill can also put you in the limelight.

Rachel vs Guy will air at 8 PM on Sundays (Starting September 8th) on Food Network

If you haven’t watched Rachel vs Guy in the past I urge you to gather your kids and watch this upcoming season.

For more information on Season 3 check out Rachel vs Guy on Food Network

Whip up some goodies with your kids to eat while watching.

These Peach Mango Pops are refreshing and tasty.

This Sugar Free Candy will be a hit and not keep them up.

Make Monkey Food for some real fun.

See how we cook as a family with our Recipes Kids Can Make Series.

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  1. Haleigh King says

    I want to be on the kids cook off how would i get on it I can not figure that out but i really really really want to be on that show

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