Fondue Party Ideas

Fondue Party Ideas

fondue party ideas

Cheese, Chocolate,  Cheer,  Conversations, and Cascade. These are my Fondue Party Ideas. You sit and you think that it would be nice to have people over. I get that sense of this would be a great idea and then self-doubt creeps over me like a rain washes over your just washed car. You want so badly to have people over but you aren’t sure what to serve them. What would they like to eat? What would you do if you had people over? How would you get them to talk?

I have an idea better than a can on a string or twister.


How about a fondue party? The prep work is easy. The conversations will flow and who doesn’t like to dip their food. I mean chocolate or cheese fondue or both are always a hit. I am not sure why I love both of these but it somehow brings me back to being a kid. I always enjoyed dipping everything and then as adults we are told do not double dip, do not dip, why are you eating that with your fingers. I say rubberish throw out the rules and eat cheese!

cheese fondue


Fondue Party Ideas

quick fondue

This is how I got my party started. I invited people. Then I came up with a list of items we would need. I find people like to contribute and bring something.

  1. Invite like this Free Fondue Party Printable

fondue party invite


  1. Fondue Pots
  2. Fondue Forks
  3. Food to dip you can see my list below
  4. Bowls
  5. Matches and fire gel container unless you have an electric fondue pot 
  6.  plates, glasses, and plenty of napkins
  7. Decorations like table decor. I love these table tents. You can print yours off for free.



9. When you set your table make sure everyone has access to everything. I always strive to bring charm and elegance to every party with an air of comfort and fun.

fondue party ideas

10. Cascade to wash the fondue pots and dishes.

cascadeI use cascade because I can skip the prewash! Yeah! Did you know that your dishwasher actually works harder for you when you skip the pre-wash! In order to get the most optimum clean and shine, remember to skip the sink and use Cascade Platinum to save time and energy on your dirty dishes.

I suggest the Cascade Platinum ActionPacs because they provide 3X more film-fighting power to clean through stuck-on food in one wash, making it the best clean you can get. With their premium food cleaning, cheese is no match for the grease-fighting power, and built-in rinse aid help, Cascade Platinum ActionPacs prevent hard-water filming, keeping your machine looking fresh and clean. 


chocolate covered food on fondue stick


I wanted to share a couple of my no-fail recipes for Fondue

  1. Cheap Chocolate Fondue
  2. Easy Fondue Recipe Cheese
  3.  German Beer Fondue add in the new correct link


Dippers for Chocolate Fondue







Pound Cake






Fondue Cheese Dippers

Bread multiple loaves




Mini hotdogs




When you host a fondue party remember it is fun making a mess and even more fun if you have a product like Cascade that can clean up that mess.

What is your favorite food to dip in fondue?


  • Encourage your guests to try and review the product samples on

  • Publish 1 blog post post-party:

  • Publish 2-4 social posts using #CascadeClean; tag @MyCascade (Twitter), @Cascade (Facebook).


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