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Madame Deals was given the opportunity to review Purple Trail, an event and invitation website. I know that there are already several event and e-vite services available online. What makes Purple Trail different is that there are NO advertisements on their site. This means that when you send an invitation or e-card, the recipient will not have to view ads!

Purple Trail allows you to design and send out e-cards, invitations and announcements. Invitations can be sent to your facebook or twitter accounts as well. You can also design a party website if you would like. Purple Trail also offers a printing service. You can design your invitations and have them printed. For $3.95 you can download your custom design and print it right from your computer. Or you can have Purple Trail print them for .95¢ each (I would imagine their is a shipping fee too).

There are several things that you can do for free on Purple Trail. There are several membership plans available ranging in price from free to $49.95 a year. Anyone can sign up for the free plan. I think for most people, the free plan would meet all your needs. The free plan offers up to 75 e-mail invitations per event and up to 250 invitations a month. If you do plan to download your designs and print at home, you will want to sign up for the Basic plan for $14.95 a year. The Basic plan allows for five downloads a year plus additional e-mail invites per month.

Now, I do not have any party plans coming up. However, I did design an invite and sent it to myself to review this service thoroughly. It is actually pretty cool! It takes time to get use to the designing features for your cards, but there are many options. You can also upload your own pictures. When you send an invitation, there are many things you can include such as event details, invitation only, allow guests to bring friends, make your invitation public or private and much more. Purple Trail has features for keeping track of your guests, chatting with your guests in real time, adding a map to the event venue, and a pot-luck feature which helps each guest specify what they are bringing to the party. How cool is that! If you need ideas for designing your invitation, there are hundreds of pre-designed invitations and cards.

Purple Trail also offers free ideas for party planning. Find games, crafts, recipes or themes for any party.

Check out Purple Trail for all of your party planning needs!

This is a Mama Buzz review. Purple Trail provided Madame Deals with a free premium membership for this review.

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