Pumpkin Carving: Mess Free & Preserve for Years

Pumpkin carving is a messy job. It’s fun, but messy. The carved pumpkin never seems to last very long either. It either starts to turn green and hairy or it is eaten by critters.

Jenny came up with a wonderful idea! Carve faux pumpkins! Buy a faux pumpkin and have your kids draw their design with an orange sharpie. Take a knife or pumpkin carving tool and carve out the design as usual. Use a battery operated tea light to light your pumpkin!

The best part, you can have your child sign the bottom of the pumpkin and keep it! It will be neat to see the progression of designs over the years.

Michael’s and other stores should have their Halloween decor at 50-75% off soon. Stockup on faux pumpkins for next year.

I just love this idea! By the way, Jenny is not just creative with her crafts, if you are looking for a photographer, she does a fantastic job! We recently had a quick photo shoot with Jenny and she caught both my boys smiling at the same time- an amazing thing when it comes to pictures!

Photo courtesy of Jenny M Photography

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