Protect Your Identity LifeLock 30 Day FREE Trial and 10% Off

Lifelock Ultimate


Did you see the news that Target was hacked? According to officials about 40 million customer credit, debit cards are possibly hacked. If you shopped at Target between Thanksgiving and December 15th your credit card could have been compromised so you must hurry and check your bill.

Don’t let your identity be stole from you. Avoid ID and credit fraud with an identity theft protection service. Hurry and Sign up for Lifelock today and get your first 30 days FREE! LifeLock is more than just a credit monitoring service. They help protect your personal information using a combination of data surveillance techniques and outstanding member service. They will also alert you whenever they detect personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans.

Plus, for a limited time only, all LifeLock services are available at 10% off your final purchase after the 30 day free trial! Go here and discount will be applied at check out.

You can choose from these options:

  • $10.00 / month or $110.00 / year
  • $25.00 / month or $275.00 / year

Offer is valid through September 30th.

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