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The internet has become a part of our lives.  With this comes the need to keep our families safe and our personal information secure.  In our family, this is a top priority.  In the past, we wrote checks for our household bills or everyday purchases.  I find it hard to remember the last time I wrote a check.  In fact, I don’t even carry a checkbook.  All of our bills are paid online and many of our purchases are made through the internet.

However, this opens up a whole new range of issues.  In order to keep us safe, it is necessary to have a security mechanism in place.  Bitdefender Total Security offers us the ability to do just that.

With Bitdefender Total Security, we know our information is safe.  Bitdefender’s line of 2013 security solutions provides our family with user-friendly, state-of the art protection from e-threats, such as viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and phishing attacks. They also offer more advanced safeguards and great features, including parental controls, online backup, social networking protection, and more!  It’s an all-in-one utility for the online life we lead.

With BitDefender Safepay, we are able to feel secure in each of our online purchases.  No worries about our personal banking information being used for anything but for which it was intended.  Bitdefender’s proprietary secured browser safeguards our online transactions and home banking applications from all tampering attempts.

One of my favorite features is the BitDefender Autopilot.  It operates on its own, without an annoying pop up every few minutes.  If there is one thing I want to avoid, it’s interruptions while I’m trying to get things done!

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Additional features include:

  • Bitdefender Anti-Theft:  protect my family from more than just online threats; it can track lost or stolen devices.
  • Social Network Protection Filters:  monitors your privacy settings from the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends.
  • Parental Control Options: allows us to block inappropriate content, restrict Web access between certain hours, and helps us remotely monitor our children’s online activity – even on Facebook!
  • Bitdefender’s 2013 solutions are designed to operate on multiple computer environments, including PCs that function mostly off-line or in a secure LAN, to computers with always-on, unfiltered Internet connections.

Other useful services include Safebox, Device Anti-Theft, and Parental Control.  With the new MyBitdefender, the improved dashboard allows us to view and even contol installed applications and mobile devices.

Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013

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When choosing a computer protection system, we believe in getting the best protection possible.  BitDefender is ranked #1 in Antivirus software and has earned CNET Editor’s Choice and PCMag Editor’s Choice awards.  In the past, we used whatever internet security program was the cheapest or free.  Not any more … these cheap and/or free programs just don’t do everything we need.

It is so important we feel comfortable making our payments and purchases online, connecting with family and friends through social networking, and be assured all the information that passes through these systems is safe and secure.

Even with an antivirus program installed, our home computer network was compromised a few years ago and we spent hours getting it back up and running.  It was a scary feeling knowing our personal information may have fallen into the wrong hands.  For months afterwards, we questioned whether it really was safe to do all we did on the internet.

With all the interaction on social networking sites, it has become even more important to us to feel secure in these interactions.  There is so much information that is passed through the internet and we don’t want this information to fall into the wrong hands or to be used in a manner which will cause us harm.

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Bitdefender Total Security can be purchased directly from Bitdefender.  No need to go through a vendor.  Get it straight from the source!


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