Project #3 Offer evaluation

Do you want to be on my team? If so sign up here for Madame Deals review team. This is not a paid review team. In the future or when

we have sponsors those that do the best reviews will be selected to represent the Madame Deals. This is a research project to insure that I am offering the best possible opportunities to my fans. The only way to find out is to ask you. The surveys are quick and easy. I appreciate you candor and your help.

1) Look at this list and see if you have tried any of these. Work at home list.

2) Answer the questions in the survey. Please, be honest it is my intent to help people and if these companies are not helpful. Then I do not want to represent them 🙂

If you missed any projects you may complete them. In order to complete project #2 you must complete

project #1.

Project #2

If you could also take a moment and vote for me I would really appreciate it. Vote DAILY!!!

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