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Kraft Coupons and a Delicious (Diner) Dinner Idea!

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It all started last spring. My husband and I flew to New York for a family wedding and a rare kid-free weekend. My aunt and uncle picked us up from the airport and took us straight to a diner (we don’t have authentic diners where I live). And that’s where I saw it on the menu…grilled cheese & bacon! Gooey cheesy goodness mixed with crispy bacon on buttery bread toasted to perfection…it was love at first delicious bite! I knew my kids would love these sandwiches as much as I did, and when I saw that was featuring printable Kraft coupons, I knew just what I’d be making for dinner!


We do our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart…the prices just can’t be beat, especially when you include the hundreds of money saving coupons that are available every day on To prepare for this week’s trip, I grabbed my shopping list, printed my coupons (including one for $.50 off two packages of Kraft singles), and loaded the family into the car. When we got to Walmart, my husband I decided to “divide and conquer” – he took our daughters to pick up a few items while I hit the food section.

Kraft coupons

See more photos of our shopping trip to Walmart and how I used our money saving Kraft coupons here!

I’m a lifelong fan of Kraft Singles…it’s the only brand I’d use to make grilled cheese sandwiches! There were several varieties to choose from, including American Cheese slices made with 2% milk and skim milk. I considered purchasing these, but in the end I decided to go with traditional American Cheese Kraft Singles. Since the coupon was for $.50 off two packages, I also decided to try something different and picked up a package of Sharp Cheddar Cheese Singles.

kraft coupons

I continued with the rest of my grocery shopping, including bacon, bread, and dill pickles to go with the sandwiches (just like in the New York diners). Then I met up with the rest of my family at the check-out aisle. There was no line, and I used my coupons with no difficulty. Then it was time to go home and make grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches for dinner!

kraft coupons

The verdict? My kids are in love with grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches too! They even had seconds, which is a rarity for my picky eaters. Thanks to my coupons, I have plenty of Kraft Singles left and will definitely make these delicious sandwiches for them again soon!

kraft coupons

How do you like your grilled cheese? With tomato? With cheddar cheese? Share in the comments below!

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