Princess Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Princess Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Princess Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

I have a very special little princess. I find that every year my little princess wants a party filled with sparkles and magic. I love a great party, but I hate the expense that comes with a great party. This year I vowed to throw a party on a budget. We decided to have a pizza and cake party and do a reasonably priced craft. This is what I did, and this is what I spent.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

You can start by making your own invitations we have great tutorial in our make awesome diy invite post – $2 total

Then you will need to figure out what they will do at your party luckily the New Cinderella movie came out. I had a relative buy it for her birthday. We watched it at her party. You can also rent movies at Netflix (best investment ever. I love Netflix) for $1.50 or right off of your tv or amazon for under $5. That takes care of the entertainment for most of the party.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

The next thing I did was buy a cheesecake for $10 at the store. It is actually cheaper than me making it. I decorated it for an additional $2 so the total cost was $12.

This is how I decorated it quickly and on the cheap. I only had a week to come up with a plan because my darling daughter wanted a gift instead of a party. Then she got really upset when she realized she was going to get the gift and no party. I know life is about memories, so I decided she should have both. I think that is the reason we all work so hard is to do for our children. I just couldn’t have her sad on her birthday, so I got to work planning a mega bash on a miserly budget.

cupcakes $6.99

$20 with tax

Snack Ideas-
Popcorn is a must I popped my own using the brown bag method. $2

Grapes $2.00
Apples $3.00
Strawberries $2.99
Pretzels $3.00
Cookies $2.00
juice boxes $6 (I could have made lemonade to save money)
Milk $2.00


Princess Birthday Party Ideas

table clothes $3
Hanging stuff $3
random bling $4

Party Table Settings


Craft- Take home goody bag
Design your own castle
food coloring optional $2.00
Icing $3
candy $10 (still have candy left)
bird houses $15 (bought my daughter one for $5 the rest were $1)


Pizza (If I did the party at a different time I could have skipped the pizza)
$15 for two x-large pies we have a buy one get one free card (Had enough pizza for another meal)

total $116

princess birthday party ideas on budget

I could have just done cupcakes or cheesecake but I knew some of the kids wouldn’t like cheesecake and it is what my daughter asked for so I bought it.

To make the party more fun, prepare some fun games for the kids such as this “Pin the Kiss on the Frog” game. It’s just like pin the tail on the donkey.

Click here to print the game!

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