Prepaid American Express Card: Receive Free $25 Gift Card

Sign-up for an American Express Prepaid Card! This Spends Like Cash…the best thing ever and it is super easy to get one. Right now they have a super great offer, just Order an American Express Prepaid Card, Load $200 or More at the Time of Order, and Receive a Complimentary $25 Gift Card. Offer Expires 6/30/12.

Remember American Express Prepaid Cards Spends Like Cash and there’s definitely No Recurring fees – NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEES, NO PURCHASE FEES, NO OVERDRAFT FEES, NO CREDIT CHECK, NO DEBT. It is also secure! If the Card is lost or stolen you won’t be responsible for fraudulent charges and American Express will even replace the funds.

Another best thing is that this cards works like a CREDIT CARD! If you love getting freebies but are asked to input a credit card # you can definitely use this instead of your primary CC!

If you have kids in their teens, this is a perfect tool to teach them money management. You can use this and just load their allowance in it.

Note: This will ask for your Social Security Number but knowing that this is American Express, the process is secure.

Click here to Order!

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