Pregnant Boy: The shocking new Ad about Teen Pregnancy

Pregnant Boys: The shocking new Ad about Teen Pregnancy


So this morning, like most mornings, I was sipping on my morning coffee and catching up on the news while I was waiting for my little one to wake up. They were talking about the riots in Turkey, something about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, and some great sales that were coming up. It seemed like a pretty standard news day, until I saw this image come up on the screen:


Surprised? I was too.

This photo of a Pregnant Boy is part of a Teen Pregnancy Ad campaign!

I have heard a lot of different reactions to this pregnant boy ad ranging from amusement to disgust. Personally, I think it is BRILLIANT! A lot of teenage boys don’t think they have to worry about teen pregnancy because they can’t get pregnant. I think this puts it right in their face. Maybe even making them question, “well, what decisions would I make if I could get pregnant?”

This pregnant boy ad first appeared in Chicago, which happens to be the city with one of  the highest Teen pregnancy rates in the country. Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair told ABC News. “We wanted this campaign, those images, to spark conversation, and that’s exactly what we’re getting.” The ads are placed in the city’s public buses and trains, so it was sure to get lots of attention from the city and beyond.

Although teenage pregnancies in Chicago are down by 33 percent, which is an impressive drop, the city’s teenage pregnancy rate is still 1.5 times the national average. So will we continue to see more ads like the pregnant boy ad in Chicago and cities like it? I for one hope that we do. Teen pregnancy is becoming the new normal and I think ads like the pregnant boy ad, might at least have a teen stop and think about it.


It’s not just Chicago that has ads running like this either. Supporters in Milwaukee saw a 10 percent decline in teenage pregnancy after running similar ads. And New York also  reported a 27 percent drop as well! Here is the GMA story about the Pregnant Boy Ads.

So I have to know…what are your thoughts on these pregnant boy ads? 

Do you think they are too much? Just right? Not enough? let me know in the comments below!


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  1. gwendolyn says

    I have never seen these ads before but think they are awesome. As a mother of a teenage boy, I am always reminding him of the dangers of teenage sex. I think it is important for boys to be educated and informed as much as girls. Boys need to realize that having a baby is not just a girl’s problem. I think education is the key and if we have to shock them with pictures like this then so be it!!

  2. Elizabeth Anderson says

    Iwas just saying last night something along these lines. A woman was saying gorls need to not fall to peer pressure from boys about sex, how about the boys learn respect and stop pressuring the girls in the first place! It goes BOTH ways, just because the boys can not get pregnant does not mean they escape unharmed.
    If this shocks them into learning that (sadly I don’t think it will) then MORE need to be placed!

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