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I was so excited when I was given the chance to review SmartWav Baby Sleep system. I was so excited because I know this would have made all the difference to me when I had a baby or three. I was so sleep deprived I could hardly form a sentence. I am not sure who said,”sleep when the baby sleeps” since mine never actually slept. They actually cat napped. I felt like the second I finally laid down the baby was up or making noise so I couldn’t sleep. It got so bad that I grabbed my pillow one day and took a nap in my car in the garage. We finally did the cry it out method and I am not sure who cried more. I am pretty sure it was me. I also believe that my ” baby blues” were directly related to my lack of sleep. I was only sorry I didn’t know about this product that is why it was so important for me to get this award winning product in front of you. A full night sleep is priceless for you and your child. The music also has other inherent abilities to aid in your child’s brain development all while they sleep. I would have paid anything or done anything to get some rest. I am glad that this product is on the market. I am also glad I can offer it to you at 10% off!! You know I love my sleep and I love my coupons!
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The Madame Deals  Mom reviewer had this to say:

“I put the CD in the car and she instantly stopped screaming.”

    I found the discs to be very helpful for encouraging sleep and continuing sleep.  Lily has always been a good sleeper, but the discs have helped her to fall asleep more quickly.  I’m not sure if it’s coincidence because Lily had been sleeping through the night, but in the week before starting the discs she had been waking in the middle of the night, since using the discs she is back to sleeping through the night.
   The directions suggest that you put the first CD on in one room while trying to get the baby sleepy and until she falls asleep, and then to move the baby to another room nearby where the other CD is already playing to allow for a ‘seamless transition’ between the two discs.  I found this option did not work for our family. We were able to use the system by turning one disk or the other on in her room and placing her down for bed. We also found that is the CD was not left on then she would wake up. We have since placed the CD on repeat.

Lily’s Mom


I have to ask if you believe in the power of sound? I do. I believe that we each have a song. It started when we were in the womb. We were protected and comforted and some of our parents even played music and read to us. Our moods are changed through the sounds around us. When I taught school sound and music played an instrumental role in my classroom. I used sound to engage my students in the learning process. I used music to help students learn their math facts. I believe that by putting on classical music while students wrote or completed math resulted in more accurate responses.

As a mom of three children I can say I would have paid anything to have my children sleep. The hardest thing I had to do was “the cry it out method”. I wish I would have had the SmartWav system available to me. I know the positive connections between development and music do exist. I am certain that music is a key component in academic excellence. If you have a child that struggles in school the answer is simple add music. I struggle with ADD and I know that having noise on allows me to focus on the task at hand. We all learn differently but music is universal. The baby sleep system has received numerous award for allowing babies to get the sleep they need. The studies are ongoing but it does seem promising that music is useful in wiring the brain correctly. If you think about the patterns involved in music and the ability for a child to process these patterns you will understand the importance of these CDs on their ability to learn at an increase rate in the future. I am excited to see how the research pans out and if these CDS do have a positive impact on the prevention of Autism.

Madame Deals AKA Amee MS. ED


Save 10% OFF ALL SmartWav Baby Products Use Code: SMART10 exp. 12/31/12

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  1. Hope Holland says

    Music can be designed to teach cognition and stimulate nuero pathways, increase Grey Matter spatial relationships,distance etc

  2. alexis p says

    this sounds like a great product you got to try! my babies have a hard time falling asleep with no cuddling so this would be great for me to finally get some sleep!

  3. says

    I have no doubt that this is a wonderful product that works! I always turned on a fan for my kids just to have a little white noise..having this would have been perfect!

  4. Maritza Robinson says

    Such a great product. I don’t have kids but I took care of my nieces and nephews many times to give my brothers and sister in laws time to them selfs and when my nieces and nephews began to cry I would put music on but the music I heard. This would have been great.

  5. Debbie Ellis says

    It looks great, I use to play music for them really soft and baby music it worked also. I would have loved this product.

  6. says

    I have always found that music playing always calmed a baby; as I did this when I was a teenage and was the only one to get my nephew (a baby at that time) sound asleep.

  7. Sandra Brower says

    I learned that sounds similar to that in the womb will help a baby to sleep more sound and to sleep longer.

  8. Veronica H says

    I learned that he music also has other inherent abilities to help aid your child’s brain development while they are sleeping

  9. says

    I think the suggestion to put the first CD on in one room while trying to get the baby sleepy and until she falls asleep, and then to move the baby to another room nearby where the other CD is already playing, would work for us. We can get the baby to sleep in our arms, but as soon as we movehim into the bassinet in the bedroom he wakes. I’d love to try these CD’s. 🙂

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