Potty Training: Does Bribery Work?


Potty Training

potty training

My bathroom has turned into a carnival. On the door hangs a wall full of treats. There are stickers, cars, and sugar cleverly masquerading as fruit chews. The task at hand is potty training.

The two year old that will be the recipient of these awards is currently holding out on providing number #2 for a prize. We have tried every form of bribery and now we are working on placing him on the potty using a timer.

I can tell you that each child is different which makes pottery training similar to competing for a sports competition. There are rules. There is a lot of exercising, most of patience on the parent’s part, and there is a lot of heavy lifting. You will find yourself bending and twisting as your child decides as soon as they are on the potty that they want off. You will have long conversations about nothing while waiting for one single drop of pee. You might as well know that the bathroom is your new home.

I have set up a basket for myself filled with my favorite book, some stress relief lotion, and an mp3 player. I have told my son that I can await him, outwit him and catch him before he hides and poops in the corner. I am in it to “Win it” because my resolution was no dirty diapers in 2013.

Here is my game plan:

1. Underwear
2. Washer open and ready
3. Clorox wipes available
4. Potty training video
5. Prize wall
6. Timer
7. Mommy Basket in the bathroom
8. My Son’s favorite books and music
9. Ability to stay home for several days in a row
10. Pull ups for at night only
11. Peeing baby doll
12. Big boy Panties
13. Cheerios to aim for
14. Words of praise
15. Patience

What are your potty training tips? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. I have always found that when my child was truly ready to potty train, he just almost magically did it! That said, my youngest has been giving us a hard time about night time wetting now. He went for Weeks in dry diapers at night, now that we’ve taken away the diapers he is having nighttime accidents. So I too now have a prize wall (for dry mornings), an alarm to remind me no more drinks after 6pm, and a second alarm to remind me to wake him at midnight to use the bathroom. Good think we don’t have to get up early huh?

  2. We are working on potty training as well. We moved the portable DVD player into the bathroom to act as a distraction for him as he was on the potty. So far nothing we have tried has worked. My son will not be bribed!