Pottery Studio Review and Giveaway

You can create your own creations with this home Pottery Studio.

pottery studio

My daughter posing with the Pottery Studio when it arrived.

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I received the Pottery Studio by Creativity for Kids from Imagine Toys to review. The day it arrived my daughter was so excited that she was going to create her own masterpiece and get to pain it. I will admit I wasn’t as enthusiastic as she was because I do not like messy crafts. I will admit it, I am a clean craft mom and messy crafts are always done with grandma. Isn’t that what grandmas are for?  I didn’t want grandma to feel left out on this one so we took it with us to visit my mom and have some creative fun.

When we initially went to use the Pottery Studio I didn’t realize I needed C batteries. I missed the tiny print on the box but a quick trip to the dollar store fixed this problem and we were ready to begin. I guess I should admit that I also have a hard time letting my daughter create things her way. I am a type A personality and I always want things just so and “correct” according to my standards. Luckily my mom balances me out because she is more than willing to let creativity roam, In arts and crafts projects only. When it comes to my daughter leaving the house dressed like a bad episode of Punky Brewster , it is not going to happen.

pottery studio

I think someone is ready to get creative!

The Pottery Studio comes with a very helpful instructional booklet that helped us figure out what we needed to do and how to do it. There were some things my daughter (age 9) just wasn’t able to do on her own. Grandma helped her use the foot pedal for spinning of the wheel and holding the clay steady while shaping it at the same time. The wheel can be used with the foot pedal to stop and go easily or there is an on switch where it stays running. This is a little faster than we felt was necessary. If you want a child to do this on their own they would need to be a little older.

pottery studio


The clay was easy to work with and goes further than I thought it would. We only went thru 1 bag of the clay that came with the Pottery Studio. I even decided to give it a try and was happy to find out that it rinsed off very easily. The set does come with a plastic table cloth and child’s apron. Both were a good quality and are able to be used again.

We found the tool “balancer” to be a little awkward to use and we thought it was easier to hold the tool our self. An older child who is more precise may decide they want to use it.

The spots on the base to hold the tools for storage are generic spots and the tools don’t fit securely. This wasn’t a big deal when we were done because they were put into a zip lock bag and I am storing the whole thing in the box it came in.pottery studio

Our finished pieces drying.

The Pottery pieces need to dry out over night before painting. The kit includes paint brushes and paints and my daughter had fun painting the pieces.

pottery studio

This is the finished product!

I am not worried about using the last pack of clay because Imagine Toys sells Pottery Studio Refill Packs.

 The Pottery Studio by Creativity for Kids from Imagine Toys includes:

Pottery wheel with foot pedal
No-bake clay
Trimming cord with handles
Sculpting tools
White base paint, acrylic paints, transparent glaze finish
Paint brushes, sponge
Large table cover, apron


Go Enter the Pottery Studio Giveaway to win one for your family


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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    What fun! I’d encourage mine to make a cup/vase? to sit on the bathroom counter to hold their toothbrushes.

  2. Doreen C Spitzer-Lemire says

    I would make a pencil holder with my daughter!! I had a little pottery wheel as a child and loved it!!

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