Poster Frame Depot: Movie poster frames, and more!

Poster Frame Depot can help you with all of your Framing needs!

Don’t you hate it when you have a really awesome poster, and you try to movie it, and it rips, or crinkles? I know I do! I found the easiest way to fix that problem, is to put my posters in a frame! Poster Frame Depot is an awesome company that will will make you a custom frame for your favorite poster or picture! All frames are made by hand using 100% American Made Materials!

Poster Frame Depot

Here is some info on the frames from Poster Frame Depot:

Each from comes with all hardware (including mounting Brackets, Wall Bumpers, and Hanging Wire) and all frames assemble in 10 easy steps. Poster Frame Depot makes custom frames as large as 42″ x 62″! They also have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all their products!

From the company- Each of our frames is held together with sturdy hardware that is easy to assemble. Only the highest quality annodized aluminum is used for every frame. Each length of the frame is custom cut and monitored in quality control, guaranteeing that every frame that leaves the factory meets the highest possible standards.

Have a lot of posters that need frames? Poster Frame Depot has you covered with their Bulk Packages!

Frame Bulk Packs come complete with everything you need  to assemble and hang each frame you order, including a Foamcore Backing and a UV Lens Cover. When making your selection, you can choose your frame profile, color, quantity and either the UV Clear or UV Non-Glare Lens option. Poster Frame Depot makes it super easy to buy a single frame or buy in bulk!

Poster Frame Depot also has all the accessories you need for your new poster frame!

From hanging wire, replacement foamcore backing, replacement plastic covering, and plastic cleaner & polish to Easelmates, frame straps, and disposable cleaning wipes!


So check out Poster Frame Depot for all your custom Framing needs!


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