Portable Cell Phone Charger only $14.99

Save 62% on a Portable Cellphone Charger

portable cell phone charger

Hottips Rechargeable Smartphone Battery Pack – Portable Cell Phone Charger

Trust me – once you have a portable cell phone charger like this Hottips Rechargeable Smartphone Battery Pack,  you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! This nifty little battery pack is about 1 ½ times larger than the iPhone 5 battery. It comes with 2200 milliamps, which means you’ll have plenty of power on the go! It’s very compact, so you can charge your device while it’s in your purse or even in your pocket! Just plug in USB and your device instantly has new battery life. This portable charger is available in 4 colors – Blue, Green, White, and Magenta, and it is compatible with both iPhone and Adroid devices (please visit MamaBargains.com for more details). It includes a power cord and comes with a one year warranty.  And right now, MamaBargains.com is offering the Hottips Rechargeable Battery Pack for only $14.99! That’s 62% off the list price of $39.99

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This cell phone charger would be perfect for your college student. Read Top Tips for Dorm Room Savings for more ideas.

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