Playskool Toy Coupons: Print NOW for the Holidays

Save $5.00Save $5.00Save $10.00Save $2.00 has released some great new toy coupons! These do not expire until 1-15-10. I would suggest printing now as they may not last long! I have to tell you I was posting a hot $10 off Snow White DVD coupon last night. In the middle of my post I went back to check the coupon and it had reached it’s print limit already. It happens quickly sometimes!

• Playskool Gloworm $3
• Playskool Step Start Walk’n Ride $5
• Playskool Activity Ball $5
• Swing N Score Baseball $5
• Tumble N Twirl $5
• Dance Cam $10
• DinoRoars Hatchlings $5
• Dino Roars Stompers $10
• Mr Potato Head Silly Suitcase $5
• Mr Potato Head Spud Buds $5
• Mr Potato Head Toy $2
• Musical Sit N Spin $10
• Playskool Busy Ball Popper $5

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