Play Visa Prepaid Know Your Numbers Game for a Chance to Win a Tablet PC and Other Prizes

Did you know that you can load your federal tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid Card? I only discovered this and it’s very convenient. By loading your tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid card you can receive your refund faster than waiting for weeks to get a check in the mail and the best thing is you’ll have the peace of mind that if your card is damaged or stolen you can easily have it replaced. To load your tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid card, all you need is a Visa Prepaid card, your card’s Account & Routing numbers and a 1040 form.

And here’s the fun part because Visa Prepaid is launching a fun online game to let us know more how we can make tax season more jolly and easy. Head on and play the Visa Prepaid Know Your Numbers Game for a chance to win a Tablet PC and other prizes.

You can win these prizes:

31 – Tablet PCs
465  - $15 Visa Gift Cards
One $2,000 Visa Gift Card

Promotion ends 11:59:59 PM PT on 12/31/12.

Join the Visa Prepaid Know Your Numbers Game

If you want to know more on how to use Visa Prepaid Card for getting your tax refund, check out Visa Prepaid’s Youtube Channel for the collection of how-to videos about loading tax refund, setting up direct deposit and activating and loading card.

DISCLOSURE: I am blogging on behalf of VisaPrepaid and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. Discover more at or join the Visa Prepaid community at

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