Play Kitchen: Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen Review

Play Kitchen Review: Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen


The Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen has become a favorite addition to my preschool classroom. My 14 year old son offered to assemble the play kitchen for me. Knowing what a difficult challenge most kids toys are to put together I hesitantly allowed him to make the attempt. Leaving him to his task I was certain he would struggle; after all kids toys are not known for easy assembly. Shortly after I left I received a text message with a picture attached of the neatly packaged nuts, bolts and screws. His message “that’s a lot of screws” made me giggle and even more confident that he would give up because it was in deed a lot of screws. Several hours later he invited me to the basement to see the completed project. The Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen is a beautiful piece of play furniture that is sturdy, well made and appealing to the eye. With coordinating pastel colors I believe it would blend in with most kids rooms or play rooms. The sturdy stove burners, sink faucets and door handles will ensure many years of fun play.


According to my son the instructions and pictures/diagrams were easy to understand and everything was packaged neatly and labeled accurately making assembly easy.

The students in my classroom love the Kidkraft Master Cook’s Kitchen so much that we have had to make a schedule so everyone, boys included, gets a turn to play. This affordable piece of play furniture would make a great addition to any child’s play area.

~Reviewed by Karla Robey for MadameDeals

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Disclosure: I received a Free Master Cook’s Kitchen from Kidkraft for this review, but opinions expressed in this post is 100% mine. The item was not a payment for any favorable opinions.

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  1. Catie Brooks says

    One my families favorite recipes is homemade spaghetti sauce. It was my grandmother’s recipe that is very authentic (she is from Italy)

  2. Jamie Robbins says

    Crockpot fiesta chicken: 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast in the bottom of a crockpot. Pour a jar of Pace over that. Drain a can of corn and a canon black beans and pour them in. Add a clove of minced garlic. Cook on high for 3 hours. Shred chicken, add 1 cup minute rice. Stir together. Cook for another 30 minutes. Serve with chips, tortillas or taco salad bowls!

  3. rebekah riehle says

    homemade mac n cheese, peanut butter fingers and homemade ice cream are all favorites in our house!

  4. Roni Manuel says

    Chinese Chicken Salad

    Bake or grill chicken, shred, put on your choice of salad/veggies add Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing and French’s Fried Onions Simple and delicious

  5. Amy L. Norman says

    I absolutely love simple recipes. I make a dip that is comprised of 1 softened brick of cream cheese combined with Pace’s Thick and Chunky Salsa. It is so good. If refrigerated, it can be used like a sandwich spread.

    I also stumbled upon two ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge: 1 jar Peanut Butter (smooth), and 1 tub of Cream Cheese Frosting. Microwave both containers for about 1 minute after peeling off the label and foil covering, mix in a bowl, pour into a wax-paper lined container, cool for 2 hours in the fridge or 1 hour in the freezer, and VOILA! Fudge.

  6. Melly Zantowsky says

    my favorite recipe is my man’s homemade hot wing bites. They are amazing! He is such a good cook 🙂

  7. Trudie says

    my favorite recipe is Taco Soup! quick and easy to put together and the crockpot does the rest!

  8. sarah keilman says

    what a cute kitchen. my daughter is on the spectrum, and she loves copying everything we do.. she cant be in the kitchen with us as it is too dangerous for her.. but this we could put right by the kitchen so she can be cooking “with” us at the same time!

  9. Angela W says

    My favorite recipe is my nanny Sue’s homemade biscuit’s because I made them with her as a child. Now, as an adult we still make them together with my children!

  10. Roxanna Monday Jarrett says

    Would love to win this for my little girl!!! My fave recipe is my dad’s homemade chicken and dumplins which I hope to be able to pass that on to all of my children. It is the best chicken and dumplins ever made in my opinion. 🙂

  11. says

    while its warm….frozen drinks! Chocolate soy milk, blended with ice, fat free whipped cream and peppermint schnapps 😀

  12. Jaimie Adams says

    My mom has always made yummy no bake cookies with coconut! I don’t get to enjoy them much since my family doesn’t really care for coconut.

  13. Mary Diehl says

    One of my favorite recipes is my homemade sloppy joes, they are requested at all the family get togethers. I love cooking and trying new recipes. thank you

  14. heather eg kaufman says

    I LOVE fruit dip, very easy & yummy. A jar of fluff mixed with strawberry cream cheese…MMMM

  15. kathy peterson says

    My favorite recipie is Lasagna; always have to make sure there is extra for next day leftovers.

  16. Constance Zimmer says

    My absolute fave would have to be crockpot beef stroganoff w/sour cream….. Oh. dear. God….. meals like this keep my husband in the “blissfully, happily married” category!!!

  17. karin says

    our favorite quick recipe is white chili: 1 jar Great Northern Beans (undrained), 1 jar any style salsa, cut up chicken breast (or canned). Heat through and enjoy!

  18. says

    my favorite recipe is
    Layered Pudding Delight

    14 graham crackers
    1 pkg. Instant Vanilla pudding
    2 cups cold milk
    1 cup cool whip
    1 can cherry pie filling

    Mix pudding with milk and cool whip.

    In 9×9 pan layer bottom with crackers, next ½ of the vanilla pudding mixture, next crackers, next last ½ of pudding mixture and top with cherry pie filling. Chill over night….serve.

    Double recipe for 9×13 pan.

    use vanilla wafers in place of graham crackers
    use chocolate pudding in place of vanilla pudding
    use blueberry pie filling in place of cherry
    from Granny’s Favorites Cookbooks

  19. Nicole Jennifer Martin Lauyans says

    Oreo truffles

    1 pack Oreos
    1 pkg of cream cheese
    1 pkg melted chocolate bark

    Add Oreos in food processor and crush. Once crushed add 1 pkg of cream cheese and mix. Store if freezer for 30 minutes. Once mixture if thick, roll in balls of desirable size. Place in freezer for 30 minutes. Remove from freezer and dip in melted chocolate. Place dipped truffles on wax paper. Keep refrigerated.

  20. says

    My favorite is taking my grand twins all the pots and pans in the cupboard, all the spoons from the drawer, and letting them sing to me while I am making corn pasta and goat milk cheese casserole for their lunch. a variation is the salt and pepper noodles that I was introduced to by a Jewish friend. When they go home to my daughter they are tired and my home is so quiet.

  21. Kim Williams says

    So cute. My family enjoys fried green tomatoes and all the fresh vegetables that comes from the garden.

  22. connie moore says

    Tomato sandwich….sliced tomato(I like my peeled…..add mayonaise too 2 slices of bread….add tomato…salt .pepper

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