Pizza Hut Book It Program available to Homeschoolers

Reward Them for Reading with Pizza Hut Book It

Pizza Hut BOOK IT  Program   Read Your Heart Out


I remember my daughter being so proud to come home with her Book It certificate for reading in Kindergarten and First grade, that I was sad she didn’t get the opportunity when she was in parochial school. I have started home schooling and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Homeschoolers can take part in the Pizza Hut Book It Program.

Pizza Hut Book It Proram Information

The Program runs for 6 months, from October – March

Any student in grades K-6th are eligible

Each child can have their own Individual Goals

Because you set the Goals, you can adjust them as necessary for each child

Pre-Readers can join in on the fun by being read to

The Progam is completely FREE for Homeschoolers and Schools

pizza hut book it

Registration for Pizza Hut Book It Program is going on now and ends in September. They will still take requests for enrollment but they will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so I encourage you to enroll now. Materials will ship in September at the start of the school year.

Go and register for your Pizza Hut Book It Materials today and be ready to reward them with free pizza when schools starts.

Pizza Hut Book It HomeSchooler Registration

Don’t waste your time creating your own goal tracking sheets, minute trackers and guides because they have done all the work for you visit their Teacher Tool Box site and print out a wide selection of printables you can use to keep your child on track and accountable.

If you know a teacher in a Private, Parochial or Public School they can also participate and you can have them check out enrollment information here——->> Pizza Hut Book It Program

To find more educational information check out Answers2Homework.

Save money and keep them Reading in the Summer.

Check out our tips for helping your Children Learn in the Summer.

Keep them busy with this 100 Things to do in the Summer.

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