Pistachio Pudding Pie Recipe

Pistachio Pudding Pie Recipe

My mom started making these recipe years ago and it quickly became a family favorite. It is so simple to make and doesn’t require any cooking. I always keep the ingredients on hand so I always have an easy no bake dessert to make if needed .I even make it with different flavors of pudding. My favorite is always pistachio because it brings back memories of times I spent with my Grandmother. Every Christmas she would always buy a few pounds of pistachios and we would spend time together and eating pistachios was always a treat. It is also in a fun light green color that makes it a great St. Patrick’s Day treat.


A Picture of My Pistachio Pudding Pie

pudding pie


2 boxes of Pistachio Pudding

2 ¾ cups of Milk

1 cup mini marshmallows

Prepared Graham Cracker Crust

8 oz Cool Whip, thawed



Mix pudding and milk together (in medium bowl) until it begins to thicken.

Once pudding has thickened stir in mini marshmallows.

Pour pudding mix in Graham Cracker Crust

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Top with Cool Whip before serving

Chill for 1 hour before serving.

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Hi I’m Gwendolyn and I have been a stay at home mom since 2009. I have been with my husband, James, for 10 years and we are proud parents of Jayme (8) and Nicholas (13). We are also parents to 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, and a snake. My father-in-law lives with us so it is always non-stop at our house. I had the honor of becoming a step-parent when I got married and have a great relationship with my step-son. I always used coupons and shopped for bargains but was forced to step up my game when my husband was disabled in 2005. I get an incredible rush from saving money and finding great deals. My life is a constant journey and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I’d love to try this. I have never had pistachio pudding before and heard it is wonderful. I like that it’s not too difficult to make as well

  2. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Wow, I can’t believe how easy this is!! the only problem is, my husband doesn’t like marshmallows except melted in his hot chocolate…..I’m still gonna try it!!

  3. Sarah Hayes says

    Ive never heard of this recipe before but it sounds like itd be fun to do with kids. thanks for sharing

  4. Nicole Carter Weasley says

  5. Beth Hill says

    This looks so good and dont think it could get much easier! I will definitely have to try this recipe, thanks for sharing.

  6. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I love the look of this! We are always looking for a great dessert to go with our St Pats dinner

  7. terri tillman says

    i love pistachio pudding and usually only make it twice a year at thanksgiving and christmas to make ‘grasshopper salad’. this recipe gives me an excuse to make it more often. 🙂

  8. Crystal Warren says

    This reminds me of a dish my grandma used to make. I tried making pistachio pudding for kids but they wouldn’t go for it…I know if I made this my husband and I would eat it in one night..

  9. Mikki Cross says

    We make ours with graham crackers. We layer the pudding & crackers, much like a lasagna. I’ve never done it with pistachio though. I’ll have to try it for a St Paddy’s treat. These “refrigerator pies” also brings back many pleasant memories of my mom and me making them. Very easy for a child to do.

  10. Katie Roch says

    I love that this dessert is colorful and simple to make. Recently I made a pudding cake using color changing pudding from jello which was also green. The result was a green cake perfect for St. Patrick’s day.

  11. ginette4 says

    Looks delicious, thank you for the great recipe, definately need to do this desert for St. Patties day

  12. Kasee Johnson says

    I love pistachio pudding and this looks like an awesome recipe to add to my collection! I always have pistachio pudding on hand because it’s the star ingredient in my family’s favorite cookies – Snot Fingers!

  13. Stephanie OMalley says

    This looks really good. I would have to swap out the marshmallows for vegan ones & use an alternate milk, but I would definitely make this

  14. celina k says

    What an easy recipe, I’ve been trying to thunk of things to make for my clients on St. Patrick’s Day – this looks perfect!

  15. Laura Smith says

    I think I will put the green food coloring in vanilla banana pudding for St Patty’s day this is a great idea you have but no one but my hubby would eat it lol

  16. Anne Consolacion says

    Kids will love this! I love the color! I can make a closer design in the middle instead. Thanks for sharing!

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