P&G Review Have You Tried This Yet

I am so tired. I mean the holidays have really been a lot of work. I need a break. I need some relaxing moments, I am sure you all do as well.  The awesome folks at  P&G created The  Have You Tried This Yet program. It is is here to help get you through the frenetic holiday hustle and bustle so you can have more time to celebrate with family and friends!

P&G Review

I was given all these awesome products by P&G to try so I could write up this post. I have to say they may have taught me to love doing laundry the Gain smells awesome! I pretend laundry is hard so I can run into the shower as soon as my husband comes home. I get to use the Olay body wash in Vanilla Winter retreat. It smells like cookies which is awesome since it doesn’t produce calories.

I then tried on the blendable lipsticks. I like the pink but I like it better with the darker color on top. I have the 810 glimmer. The lipstick is light and not sticky. It is my lip color but a little darker. It is actually a nice day to night color choice. I was given secret to review but I already use it and the always products so I was a fan before I tried out the rest of the goodies above.






Don’t forget to visit PGTryIt.com to see what innovative Have You Tried This Yet? P&G products new mom, Vanessa Lachey, can’t  live without including, Tampax® Radiant™ and COVERGIRL® Blast Flipstick™.


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