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With Spring in full swing and Summer fast approaching it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. For most busy families, taking a break from the pressures of work, school and chores at home seems next to impossible. Having the right tools and products will help you get the job done right the first time. P&G wants to know “Have You Tried This Yet?” They have just the right products for whatever job you have to do. As you pack away your winter clothes, coats, hats and gloves you might find that your warm weather clothes need a bit of a boost. Tossing in a Tide boost pod into your washing machine with a cap full of Ultra Downy Infusion fabric softener and some Downy Un-Stopables in-wash scent booster your laundry will not only be clean but super fresh longer than most products allow. I love the concentrated products because it requires less which saves me more money. Want to save time and money in the bathroom? Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper is super absorbent and strong; less usage means money saved and less time changing rolls.

Take time to pamper yourself this spring season as well. Before you put on your favorite shorts, try the Gillette Venus & Olay razor to give your legs a soft smooth feeling. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your home and laundry.

I have tried using the so-called bargain priced products in the past and find myself going back to the products that I know will do the job right the first time. While helping my daughter pack for summer camp training I placed some Downy Un-Stopables in an old sock and put it in the bottom of her suitcase. Not only did it keep her clean laundry smelling fresh and clean but I found that it cut down on the odor from the dirty laundry she packed up and brought home a week later.

Proctor & Gamble provides a long line of top quality, time and money saving products that will help you do the job once so you can have time to get outside with your family and friends and enjoy the summer.

~Karla Robey

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